Baptist Minister turns Catholic Priest

Here is one of my favourite video of the story of a Baptist Minister who became a Catholic Priest. It goes for 1 hour but is very enlightening and he is very humorous.

Yes, there was a priest who was baptist that turned catholic that was at my previous church. He was very uplifting!

Also, there was a Jewish man who turned to a catholic priest that was also at that same parish…


Praise the Lord.

Wonderful testimoney. To hear other similar stories, watch “Journey Home” on EWTN Catholic Cable Network at 7 PM Central time on Monday nights. God Bless, Memaw

When you say “thumbs up” are you referring to an approval or the drink that replaced Coco Cola? LOL

I do watch EWTN on YouTube but this one is so spot on and very funny.

:smiley: That’s ancient history: Thums Up is now fighting a losing battle with Coke and Pepsi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very uplifting. Enjoyed watching. Thanks much.

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