Baptists and communism

This is the second question I’ve yet asked about communism and Christianity but it’s for a different reason this time.

I know that Baptists usually tend to just kind of do their own thing, but would you say that in general, the Baptist church is unsupportive of communism, in that most Baptists would agree that communism is inherently wrong?

I think the vast majority of American Baptists would, but I don’t think that’s necessarily because they are Baptist. Anyone with a concept of liberty and human decency would oppose communism.


I think all Baptist churches would be inherently opposed to atheistic Communism that shuts down churches and infringes on freedom of religion. One of the historic Baptist distinctives is support for the separation of church and state. Baptists never had their own church-state alliance, so they were usually on the receiving end of church-state persecution.

I think any real Christian would be against communism, Nothing in communist ideology is remotely Christian, nothing. I’ve never heard or read the Baptists condemn it. I suppose because other than the SBC, usually their churches are independent and choose to decide for themselves.

What I love about the Church, is long before communism spread, it was catagorically, without question condemned. Pope Pius XI encyclical** Divini Redemptoris **is brilliant in defining, analyzing and warning the world of the evils of communism. If you take into account the date at the end of the document, you can see how truly prophetic his words were - Divini Redemtoris

Archbishop Fulton J Sheens discussions on Communism is legendary. Every Catholic should watch it, and be inspired by how passionately he spoke against communism’s evil, especially towards the Church.

Well then, why do purported Christians keep on voting for them? One feature of communism was its abolition of marriage as a bourgeois institution. Not that the institution itself was ever abolished completely, but it was undermined to the point where the marriage contract, and marital vows, became unenforceable under State law. It became legislated for as a temporary contract, rather than a permanent one. I think I am right in saying - certainly in the UK - that in many jurisdictions, the biblical one-in-flesh concept simply has no recognition today for any legal issue. The marriage certificate is just a piece of paper giving rights on divorce. By permitting divorce on demand, especially on the demand of women, and by abolishing sanctions for its violation, marriage as a human law reflecting divine law, is now completely aligned with communist principles and is dead. Yet still Christians keep on voting for these communists. Why?

Because people are completely ignorant of the philosophies of communism, both willfully, and because they are influenced by radicals supportive of the ideology.

The Soviet Union attempted to liquidate the Church, subjecting Christians to the highest of humiliations - churches were replaced with public bathrooms, valuables from sanctuaries were confiscated supposedly for famine relief (although the Pope had offered an amount equivalent to their value if the authorities left them alone, an appeal which was ignored), Christian beliefs mocked, priests deported, and an attempt to erect a “Living Church” adhering to communist principles. The republicans of the Spanish Civil War butchered Christians wholesale.

Communism is simply evil and any Christian who supports it is either ignorant of its evil or support evil.

I agree with you, and there’s no doubt the Catholic Church is asking this too of the faithful. I can only give opinion of how it is in the US, and certainly in recent decades, this cultural Marxism has intensified not diminished… As a faithful who understands we are to abide by our laws, respect our government even if we disagree with their policies, what I don’t understand is how certain political leaders who profess a catholic/christian faith are afraid to stand up for the moral truths. I think the root of this is not only media, but also education. These two institutions is what molds peoples perception and values today. Once upon a time it use to be your religion,but that’s been usurped, so it’s relentless conditioning. The individuals who are truly free of mind and spirit today are usually the ones branded counterculture

The communist ideology strenghthens when people are made to believe they have to be equal. The immoral must be made to believe they are as equal to the moral, the way they achieve this is to pit both forces against each other, whereby they, the State rises above both. Furhtermore, communism being inherently atheists, destroys their only real opposition in society, the God fearing, while gaining a strong ally , the non believers and secularists. They essentially kill 2 birds with one stone by implementing these beliefs. Throw in the feminists, freemasons, non Christian, and it’s Christianity vs everyone else. Of course that’s how it’s always been, even during the days of the Roman Empire. All I know is ultimately, we’ll win, God and time is on our side, not theirs :smiley:

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