baptists and the trinity


I took my baptist stepmom to mass this weekend for the first time, and afterwards she asked me if we thought the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were different beings because of how we pray. I told her no and explained the trinity concept as best I could, and then she told me she believes that the Father is one entity that is God and is the cornerstone for everything, the Son is the Father’s son but is not God, and the Holy Spirit is just a spirit that does the Father’s will. Her reasoning for not believing in the trinity was very poor and confused me greatly.

Is this a common belief baptists hold (first I’ve ever heard of it) and if so could someone please explain it better so if it comes up again I will at least know what she’s talking about? Thanks.


First Ive ever heard this.:confused: I went to a baptist church for 8 years and we were always taught the Trinity as being one God. Maybe that is what she personally believes and she never asked so no one ever corrected her.


What type of Baptist Church does she go to? I’ve been to many Southern Baptist churches and even went to a SBA college and I know that her quote is not part of their beliefs.


When she was explaining her beliefs she said “my church teaches” not “I believe” so I’m pretty sure it’s more than just her that believes this. As to which church she goes to, other than the name (Old Brush Arbor Baptist Chruch) I don’t know who they’re affiliated with. I know they’re part of a larger group, but I don’t know what they’re called.


That is Baptist beliefs. But since they reject the concept of creeds, individual Baptists may well believe any number of things. First I’ve heard that one didn’t believe in the orthodox concept of the Holy Trinity.


The above should say,“That is NOT Baptist belief.” Sorry!

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