BAPTISTS, can they change?

I am a devout Catholic and I have a friend who is a Baptist. She says the Baptists never go outside of scripture , therefore when I tell her about other things about Christ, (What the Saints and mystics had to say etc…), she is baffled about this. She also complains that her church recites the verses over and over again. She counted 41 times last Sunday. (Lord we will raise you etc…)
I think she is leaning more toward the truth in Catholisism and I don’t want to push her. Question being, how do you tell other faiths to come to your church? Just say it? Talk about RCIA?

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I think you’re doing good just by telling her things about Christ that are NOT in the Bible. That is sparking her curiosity for truth and depth.
Keep it up and maybe invite her to attend Mass with you sometime? :slight_smile: If she likes it and seriously wants to become Catholic, RCIA is a good start.

A wise old priest once told me not to argue about Mary, the saints, purgatory, etc. with Protestants, but offer them something - the Eucharist. Since she is committed to Scripture, explain our understanding of John 6 and the Last Supper accounts in the Gospels. Then, show her in I Cor, Chapter 11 where Paul (who wasn’t present at the Last Supper) recounts the Last Supper and says that it was given to him by “the Lord” and not by Peter or the Apostles. Then show her in Galatians 1:11-20 where Paul claims that his knowledge of the Gospel (including the Last Supper) was given to him by divine revelation. This is a compelling case for the Eucharist that is entirely from Scripture. Then ask her if she wants to see the Mass that Paul spoke of and invite her.

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I have been to baptist churches where they repeat the same verses over and over again. The preacher often says the same things in the pulpit. Vain repetition if you ask me.

WOW! That was great!! Nothing like a man who’s knowledgeable in his faith. :bowdown2:

Can I just ask you, what is “Lan astaslem” mean? :o

Sounds like reinforcement to help with the memorizaiton and their interpretation of book, chapter, and verse. I’ve encountered enough Baptists to (1) be impressed with their ability to spout off scripture [book, chapter, and verse] at any given moment, but (2) am unimpressed with their misguided interpretation, in which I am told I am wrong and they are right. My humble opinion" their ability for #1 leads to a pious and sanctimonious attitude as displayed in #2.

This Baptist changed. He became Catholic. So did his Baptist wife :smiley:

…As a former Evangelical, one sort of ‘tip’ that I found worked fairly well (at least in the Evangelical church)

Ask her to come with you to church for a special occasion. With Catholicism this is much more difficult because the mass is always the same, but maybe you could invite her to a function. If you feel that she wouldn’t be offended or overly worried about it, invite her to a Bingo game or pancake breakfast or something the church is doing. Get her going to special events now and then, talk about in everyday conversation “My priest made a point about that in his homiliy…” or “ever since Vatican 2…”. I’ve found that if you speak Catholiceese around people they ask what the words mean, and it opens a lot of doors. Special words Catholics take for granted pique interest. Eucharist, reconciliation, EMHC, RCIA, CCD, Catechism, Parish, Diocese, etc. These also allow you to bring up the bibilical support when she asks what they mean.

Former Baptist here, now a Catholic (but the only one in my family:().

Convert a Baptist?:confused:
You might as well try to shovel smoke with a pitchfork! :smiley:
It is like pullin hen’s teeth to even get 'em in a Methodist church.

It means “I will not surrender” or “I will not submit.”

That should be a happy face…Welcome home!! :amen: :blessyou:

Thank you, I like that. :slight_smile:

That can be rough :frowning: !
All will be well and all will be well :yup: .
God Bless You**,**

It’s my little message to the Muslims.


It’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be. Just think of her as a spiritual tourist and you as her devout tour guide. You’re responsible to figuring out what she’ll enjoy and getting her there on time. Along the way you’ll explain the sights and teach her how to fit in. After all – you don’t want her to startle the natives. :wink:

And be pushy. That’s how Baptists show they care. It’s like a firm handshake or a bearhug with backslap.

How come John 6 isn’t taken literally when everything else is? That’s what brought me Home!!!

in Christ


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