Baptists 'not threatened' by pope's U.S. visit

WASHINGTON (BP) – As Pope Francis visits the U.S., Southern Baptist leaders say they stand with his statements of biblical morality but urge Catholics to reject the Vatican’s official teaching on salvation in favor of a personal relationship with Christ by faith alone.

Russell Moore, president of Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, hopes Francis will speak to key moral concerns being debated in the public square during his Sept. 22-27 U.S. visit.

I really wish they didn’t feel a need to make a statement at all. What good does that do anyone?

Why would they be threatened?

No idea. They need to feel threatened by non-denominational Evangelicals out-“Baptisting” them.

I guess everyone needs to make a statement. I’m saddened that this statement in the article furthers the divide and is a jab at the pope

Seriously. It’s like a headline, “Senator X is not beating his wife.” Why would anyone think he was? And likewise, why would anyone think that Baptists should be threatened by the Pope’s visit?

There just isn’t an emoticon that looks as puzzled as this makes me.


I could definately see the misunderstanding of Catholic teaching in this article!

‘“I believe a simple way of understanding the difference is this: The Catholic Church believes that salvation is mediated to each of us by the Catholic Church,” he said. "As evangelicals, although we believe the church is vitally important, we believe Christ is the only mediator, and we received salvation by grace through faith in Him alone, not through the church.’

can someone explain to this leader of Baptists that we believe the church leads us through Jesus’ power to salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord… Am I right? I’m not a theologian, just a man in the pew, so etimes I can’t understand fully what these clever men are protesting about, but all I know is i am in the Catholic Church because of Jesus, and it is through the Grace of God, taking up our cross daily that we are offered the hope of salvation .

Where ?

Everyone knows that the Vatican has established sleeper cells all over the country. During his visit the pope will give a secret signal and they will all be activated. Their first targets will be Baptist churches.

The first sentence of the OP assumes we have no personal relationnship with Jesus. I would say that is a misunderstanding. The article calls for Catholics to reject Vatican teaching on salvation, another misunderstanding.

According to most evangelical theology, Jesus is the vehicle for salvation. The Church is the Body on earth and in this time, but only a personal relationship with Christ offers true salvation. The Catholic Church doesn’t really teach this. Salvation/grace comes through the Sacramental Church. If you are in a state of grace via those sacraments, you are offered opportunity for salvation. If you are outside of what the Church teaches through your sin or beliefs, then salvation is not readily available. The Church is Jesus and Jesus is the Church. That is what they are saying. And that is what they profoundly disagree with.

Your kidding right?

The secret signal is the word “bingo”.
In my city we’ve already staked out Bible bookstores too. We can’t take any chances. Annulments may be free, but Salvations will cost $20,000. (Your dead relatives only $5000).
The Statue of Liberty will be somewhat adjusted, into a statue of You-Know-Who, stepping on that snake at the base.
Police officers will be issued a yardstick, to whack evil doers.
The Income Tax will be replaced by 50/50 Split Club.
Godly pastors and evangelists will be hunted down by Holy Name with packs of rabid dogs.
The White House will be converted into a monastery where monks make booze.
The Declaration of Independence will be burned, and replaced by The Declaration of Dependence on the Sacramental System.
Godly Southern states will be put into receivership, and government seized by Knights of Columbus carpetbaggers coming down from the North.
There will be a special tax specific to non-Catholics, similar to the Muslim Sharia, but we’ll call it Pew Rental.

I could go on like this all night :slight_smile:
But I’ll spare you.

Thanks, yeah you are right to point out it is through the sacrements that we can obtain salvation, but I am worried that baptists don’t realise that the sacrements themselves are healing us with the Grace from God. So by partaking in them we are relating to God, we pray to God, we confess our sins to God, through the priest who is acting in Persona of Christ. We even eat the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, now I cannot see how they can be relating more to God than a Catholic!

But thanks for explaining about their relationship idea, that is key to understanding their thought processes.

I would also say Catholics love God too very much some of us! That’s relationship!

Through Graces from God and prayer, fasting, worship etc we do in fact build a relationship in symphony if you like with the saving Graces of the Eucharist, so although it may be saving Grace of the sacrements, there s a two way street of us loving God too.

Any personal relationship with Jesus must include His Church, the Catholic Church. Indeed they are One and the Same. How much more of a relationship can you have with Jesus than in the Sacraments He instituted for us, especially in the Eucharist where we receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Also should say by relating with love to one another we are also loving Christ, these are the kind of things that we do anyway when we grow in Christ through the sacrements (although we do this too naturally).

Could write a book as a man in the pew, as there is a huge topic here that seems to be misunderstood outside looking in on Catholicism. The sacraments and love of God neighbour etc. are powerful ‘vehicles’ to salvation. I’m sure we are all at different places on the road to salvation, but I guess how much we love one another and God is a good pointer though hard to quantify. I don’t know for sure but that baptist chap seems to have a chip on his shoulder, so we should pray for him, but also ourselves of course.

There was a popular thread a couple of years back on the misconceptions Non-Catholics had of the Catholic Church. One whopper was that all Catholics were required to keep,weapons in their basement to be ready for when the Pope would call them to arms.

One Catholic poster responded on the lack of a basement in his house. Another poster, who was Methodist, said the Methodists were willing to share their basements for the storage of said weapons.

I can imagine a report to the Baptist churches: " The Catholics are coming…and they brought the Methodists with them."


Unfortunately, this is a perception that has been forged into the psyche of protestants since the reformation and will never be removed unless we address it publicly (apologetics: but still they don’t listen). I meet up on some Friday’s with evangelical sisters who are wonderful but they too have this misconception; they couldn’t believe that I somehow have this wonderful, intimate relationship with Christ and yet I am a devout Catholic. Don’t ask me why I meet up with them, that is a long story. Just note that there is still this misconception of Catholics. JFYI the ex-catholics there are more fervent with their new found religion. BTW they don’t consider themselves in a religion but the true church of Christ.

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