Baptize Children of Gay Parents


Recently, I read a headline concerning the issue of baptizing the children of gay couples into the Catholic faith. Actually, I was perusing an article.

And here is a quote that relates the Church’s current pastoral stance on the matter:

The default position for most bishops — reiterated in a major Vatican document released on Thursday (June 26) — is that if the parents pledge to raise the child Catholic, then no girl or boy should be refused baptism.

And here is a quote that addresses the moral status of homosexual parents in comparison to heterosexual parents:

“It is very likely that no parents that present a child for baptism are perfectly following all church rules,” he said. “Why single out only lesbian and gay parents for further scrutiny?”

My starting position on this matter, is that the sacrament of Baptism is necessary for salvation. This is especially true for newborn babies, and it is the duty of Catholic parents to assure that their offspring be baptized in a timely manner, in order to secure their child’s salvation. As such, since baptism is necessary, it is the duty also, of the priest, to baptize the child. Of course, the baptism of babies is usually carried out on the basis of the faith of the parents.

The question then, is to determine under what conditions, the duty to baptize is superseded and rendered null. It can be asked, for instance, whether the priest can agree to the baptism of children of parents he knows to live in cohabitation. Or, in the instance that, it is known that the couple is in civil marriage but not in Catholic sacramental Marriage.

Again, it is my strong position that it is the duty of Catholic parents to have their newborn baptized, and that, thus, it is a serious matter to deprive their offspring of that sacrament. Now, whether the knowledge by the priest of the fact that, the parents of the child are homosexual, is enough reason to deprive the child of baptism, I have no answer.


There is currently an open thread on this subject under Catholic news, which has wandered somewhat off topic.


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