Baptize on a bible

Aloha every one. I wanted to become a catholic for long time but in all the church there are telling me that it takes between 1 year or 2 years. I would like to know why? Why if I know every thing about the catholic religion I have to wait that much, all my family is catholic except me and I grow up on the religion.

I would like to know to in what chapter of the bible say I have to wait that long.

From now Thank for every thing and good bless you all.

Celia Ruiz


You need to speak to your priest. If your priest is telling you one to two years, then you should go to the classes and take the time to make sure you really understand everything. Lots of people can go through the outer motions of being Catholic and never understand one iota of theology. Some people know alot more without ever being Catholic. It is an individual thing and if you feel you are not getting what you need out of the classes, then talk to your priest about it and explain that you already know what they are teaching, and then allow him to decide. One thing about being Catholic, is to be obedient. Your post shows some impatience with this already. To be obedient may take alot of patience on your part to enter the church. The Fathers of the Church wrote in the first several hundred years or so that it took years for someone to come into the Church, so this is no new thing. For many years, people were brought into the Church with absolutely no understanding of the faith, and many left because of their inability to come to terms with the doctrines.

So basically, you should speak to your priest about classes. Have you been baptized already? That will make a difference too.

Gracie :slight_smile:

Hello to fellow Celia :smiley: :wave:

Gracie gave good advice. It takes patience and understanding to come into full communion with the church. (There’s always room to learn more.) And when you do it will be an awesome day. Best of luck and prayers for you. Oh, and welcome to the forum!


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