Baptize or not?


I have a question. Both my ex wife and parents are Protestant. I’m considering Baptizing my kids Catholic; but I don’t want to start a war with my ex or upset my parents. What do you all think?


If you are Catholic, and your children live with you full time, sure.

Otherwise, no.


If there is hope that the kids will be raised Catholic, I think it’s okay to do so. But PLEASE talk to your priest first.

Upsetting your parents on this issue is actually a non-issue, in my opinion. You are the parent, you decide how your kids will be raised and raise them that way. They will have to accept that.

The ex-wife situation may be different. Do your kids still see her? Will she try to sway them from the Catholic education that you give them?


Not enough information.

War with your Ex? You need to be a parent first and work with her.

Upset your parents? They do not have any imput on this conversation.


I think you better first take a look at the custody order in your divorce proceeding from your ex-wife. Otherwise you might find yourself in contempt of court and spending some time in the “Gray Bar Motel”. I hear the semi-private rooms are particularly lovely this time of year.


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