Baptized again?

I was age of 18 when I was baptized in a Baptist church. I came to realization that I was a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness, I asked him to be apart of my life and was baptized with water in the church. Will I need to be baptized in the Catholic church again? I want to be sure because I want to make sure I do not leave anything out.

Simply talk to a priest and ask that question. Most likely your baptism will be considered valid. After all, there is only “one faith, one baptism, one Lord.”

A few Protestants who enter the Catholic Church need to be conditionally baptized. The priest will help you assess if the Baptist ritual was done properly – “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Yes the words that the pastor said was “Ben upon your public proffesion of Faith in Him, I baptize you now my brother in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, then he said “Buried in the Likeness of his death (He placed me in the water) Raised to walk in the newness of life (as he lifted me up)”

The Christian baptism uses water, the formula “I baptize you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, and the intention of being initiated into the Church of Christ. If you were baptized thus, even if by ignorance you did not know the church you belonged to was not the Church of Christ, than you are a member of the Catholic Church and are called to greater union with Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church, as the Lord calls all men to Himself.

So I have been baptised with water in the name of the trinity, I still need to be initiated into the Catholic Church to take part of the Holy Sacraments correct?

Yes, since the baptism seems valid, you would have a period of instruction followed by private confession to a priest of sins committed since your baptism, and then a ceremony where you make a profession of faith and are received into the Church, allowing you to receive Holy Communion! yea!

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Yes. Those who are already baptized receive appropriate instruction and then complete their sacraments of initiation, namely Confirmation and First Eucharist.

Would it be unacceptable if I asked to be baptised in the Catholic church?

Yes it would. We don’t re-baptize people who are validly baptized. But don’t worry – you’ll still receive sacraments! After you make a profession of faith you’ll be Confirmed and then you’ll receive your First Eucharist. It will be a day you’ll remember!

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You cannot be re-baptised. If you were baptised in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit using water then your baptism is valid and recognised by the Catholic Church.
I was a Methodist and baptised there. I did not need to be baptised again when I became Catholic.
You need to join an RCIA group which lasts up to a year (depending when it starts) for instruction in the Catholic faith. Then at Easter you would be formally accepted into the Church.

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