Baptized dead babies-do the parents see them in Heaven?

The title explains my question…

Of course!

And with any reasonable guess the children who haven’t been baptized but die are given baptizm of desire through the will of their mother or even spiritual adoptor. God calls the innocent to him constantly, so it’s not unreasonable to say that any child before reason who dies before baptism…of any faith…is going to Heaven.

And if a parent went to purgatory, would part of the “purging” be knowing that until you were cleansed, you weren’t gonna see your baby?
And if you went to hell, would the main punishment be knowing that you were never ever ever going to see your baby again?

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And if a parent went to purgatory, would part of the “purging” be knowing that until you were cleansed, you weren’t gonna see your baby?

This is a real headscratcher. Purgatory isn’t just torture. Purgatory is a clensing. It is a comming closer to God’s love. Which means reparing any damages of sin that bind you to the world. Certinaly, things would be quite the opposite, the love from your child and the love of your child would help you come closer to God.

And if you went to hell, would the main punishment be knowing that you were never ever ever going to see your baby again?

Hell is the seperation from God and all good love in God. All love comes from God. Separated from God’s love you could not love and therefore would come to despise God and all who are in him

I’m sure that the parents of baptized babies would see them in Heaven :slight_smile:

do you think that non baptized babies would go to Heaven also? maybe they would be saved through invinsible ignorance, since their ignorance is truly invinsible and they never committed any personal sins? maybe God would take away their original sin through a"baptism of desire" after death…

I believe all babies go to Heaven, baptized or not. That’s my belief, but I’m more wondering about a parent, if they die in mortal sin, surely a real punishment would be eternal separation from all that is good, including your baby. If hell is a place of torture, surely that would be a parent’s worst nightmare, knowing that they were stuck there forever while their baby was completely out of reach, forever. And surely Heaven would be a place where all your dreams came true, including being with your baby forever?
Is it not logical to think that hell consists of what a person dreads the most, and Heaven the opposite? You might say well a person suffered enough losing a child in the first place and did their “time”, but that’s not Church teaching. But I believe ALL babies go to Heaven.
Thanks for the replies.

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The answer is “we don’t know” as far as the unbaptized babies. We can hope so but we don’t know. It the answer is no then God in his infinite wisdom and mercy will instill the perfect knowledge of why this is so and a parent who attains heaven will not be suffering over it.

Can’t see why Baptized children who die before the age of reason wouldn’t go to heaven.

I find it virtually impossible to believe that any baby wouldn’t go to Heaven, but thats just my belief, not necessarily Church teaching.
But my real question is: do the parents see their baby in Heaven? Do the parents worry that if they die in mortal sin, they’ll never see their baby again? Does it put more pressure on the parents to be “good”? Do they constantly live in fear? Or do they believe that God, in all his mercy, will take pity on them?
What’s Church teaching on whether you see your baby again for sure?

My family’s Southern, Protestant Evangelical church taught that yes, some babies do go to hell. “Only God knows if they would have been saved had they lived.”

Guess why I’m Anglican and studying Catholicism?!?? :wink:

And the parents? I can’t get my head round this. In theory, you might not ever see your baby again? God wouldn’t send a baby to Heaven and a parent to Hell forever would he? I know it’s said that we send ourselves to hell, but who would consciously send their self away from their baby? I don’t get this. That means that all parents see their babies because no-one would choose the opposite consciously would they

I don’t know that this directly responds to your question, but it seems like you might be interested in this 2007 document from the Vatican’s International Theological Commission:

The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised

You see stories in the news all the time of parents who choose things contrary to the good of their children, whether through abuse or sometimes even murder.

The choice for hell is the choice for self. It is quite possible to be a parent who is more concerned with one’s self than one’s children. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s our fallen nature in action.

Thanks Joe, for that link. What you said about parents in the news is true. Well obviously if you murder your child…well actually I’m not going to go there because that topic is a topic alone, but lets say the average parent with average sins, I guess basically God judges us as individuals, whether we’re parents or not. So whether you have 10 living children or you’ve had 3 miscarriages or no babies or 2 adopted children, we basically are judged based on our own sins.

My mother has a pious sentiment after her 3 miscarriages (2 miscarriages and one ectopic), that all her other children would grow up and be adults, but the babies that she lost would remain babies in heaven and she would be able to hold and rock them when she got there.

I hope her dream comes true

In baptism they received the power of glory which gives them the ability to see God.

Not to rain on everybody’s parade but…

Pope St. Zosimus gave us a very harrowing condemnation:

It has been decided likewise that if anyone says that for this reason the Lord said: ‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions’: that it might be understood that in the kingdom of heaven there will be some middle place or some place anywhere else the blessed infants live who departed from this life without baptism, without which they cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven, which is life eternal, let him be anathema. For when the Lord says: ‘Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he shall not enter into the kingdom of God’, what Catholic will doubt that he will be a partner of the devil who has not deserved to be a coheir of Christ? For he who lacks the right part will without doubt run to the left.

Also, I think we can conclude that all validly baptized infants do go straight to heaven if they die in infancy from what is stated in the Ecumenical Councils.

– Nicole

My original question was deliberately phrased in such a way that we’d only be talking about babies who, according to official Church teaching, are definitely in Heaven. That’s why I referred to baptised babies. I was actually asking about the parents, not the babies.
When someone mentioned unbaptised babies I felt I had to say that I wasn’t suggesting only baptised babies go to Heaven. I believe they all do.
But would it be ok if any further comments are made about the parents, not about whether babies are in Heaven. Sorry if I attracted the wrong topic. Thanks.

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