Baptized Lutheran, first communion in Catholic Church


Hi! My fiance and I were recently engaged. He was baptized in the Lutheran church but had his first communion in the Catholic Church. The priest at the time told his parents it was fine for him to continue with his fist communion. Can we still have a full Catholic Mass? Thanks!


What does your current Priest say?



A Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian can have a nuptial Mass (as can two Catholics), so you can have a nuptial Mass regardless of whether he is Lutheran or Catholic.

I think your underlying question is whether or not he is considered by the Church to be Catholic. That cannot be determined from what you wrote and will need to be discussed with your priest/deacon. Whether or not he is in full communion with the Church will determine if he can receive communion at Mass and what pre-marital paperwork is necessary (specifically if a Permission for a Mixed Marriage is necessary).


Was he confirmed Catholic? I was baptized Lutheran, but I went through RCIA before the wedding and was confirmed Catholic before receiving communion in the Catholic Church.


He did not go through confirmation classes…


The priest was incorrect if the parents were Lutheran and were raising their child Lutheran.

If the parents had converted to the Catholic Church and your husband was received into the Catholic Church before the age of reason (7 or 8) at the time of his parents’ conversion he would not have made his own profession of faith. He would have been brought into the Church by virtue of his parents’ wishes. Perhaps he then simply continued on with his age group receiving Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation as a Catholic.

So, you need to clarify a LOT regarding why he received Communion in the Catholic Church and whether he is actually a Catholic.

As has been pointed out, you can have a Nuptial Mass whether both parties are Catholic or not. But only the Catholic may receive the Eucharist.

You and he need to figure out what his canonical status is-- Catholic or non-Catholic.

I have to say I find it strange that a priest would tell a Lutheran couple it is “ok” for their child to receive First Holy Communion. Either there is a big piece of this story missing or this priest was way off his rocker.


You can have a mass if you want. But he needs to find out if he is Catholic or not. One cannot just start partaking of Communion without having been received into the church.

We have had this problem arise on this board before. A few years ago we had a gentleman just start going to the nearest Catholic church and start practicing because he was told he could do so by some well meaning Catholic friends. When he went to get married to his protestant girlfriend he found out that he could not get married in the Catholic church because neither of them were Catholic. Very troubling situation.


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