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hello… my friend’s father had chosen a name for his future grandchild, it was Ezekiel - hoping to be a boy. then he died before the child even conceived which turned out to be a baby girl. my friend really wish they can use the Ezekiel name and wondering whether it is possible to have a female version of it, like Josepha from Joseph, Martina from Martin etc. please forgive our lack of knowledge in this matter! :blush:
thank you very much!

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judith goeritno.

Actually, for Joseph, the female is Josephine. I don’t know if there is a female version of Ezekiel. Who knows, though, maybe, God willing, if there is a second child, it will be a boy and they can use the name?

My great-grandmother’s name was Josefa, it is not uncommon in Spain.:slight_smile:

Prehaps your friends could try Ezekielle, and pronounce the feminine ending as you would with Gabrielle?

God bless them for honoring the grandfather in this way.




God will strengthen

(ee zeek YEH lah)

Form of:

Just a suggestion :thumbsup:

Well, you learn something new! :smiley:

I glad the parents agreed with the name…but, oh, my! I would not have been too happy had either my parents or my ILs told DH and me what we should name OUR baby!!

You have a little more flexibility with a girl’s name, although today there are people will all kinds of unusual and sometimes just plain weird names. They could name their daughter Mary Ezekial or Susan Ezekial or something like that. I’ve known people whose middle names were the mother’s last names, and it wouldn’t be much different. There were girls at school who were named Michael and Christopher too. One girl’s grandmothers were named Eva and Elizabeth, so her middle name was just E for both of them. My niece’s name is a little like that too…my father is Albert, and my sister’s mother-in-law was Alverda, so they named my niece Allison. We call all three of them Al.

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