Bar Codes for People

The good news is that 90 to 95% of the people from New Orleans have reached the evacuation areas, and have voluntarily taken wrist bracelets with bar codes on them so they could be safely evacuated, according to FOX news, 8/30/08.

Just think about that. . . Bar codes for people.

and your point is?

I share your sense of unease about this, although I am not entirely sure why.

However, it is not really anything new. People are given bar codes in a many contexts. Hospital bracelets, drivers licenses, passports, prison id bracelets, library cards, etc.

When they start implanting microchips or RFIDs in people, I will be more concerned.

wouldn’t it help to know WHY this is being done before getting upset about it?

Some would probably consider it the “Mark of the Beast” :hypno: :whacky:

Perhaps as a son of immigrants the name Auschwitz still rings in my mind. It wasn’t bar codes then it was tattoos.

and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

do you what the bar codes are for or is this an Argument By Scary Analogy?

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