Bar Refaeli beachwear Ads banned in Israel

In the ads, filmed when Rafaeli was three months pregnant, she frolics in a skimpy bikini, swaps bikini bottoms in a car and showers in a thong.

The officials at the Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio ordered the advertiser to delete revealing scenes if they wanted the promo videos to air after 10pm.

Refaeli also fell foul of Israeli censors back in 2014 when they declared her Hoodies lingerie commercial was too risque.

I’m glad there is still one modern industrialized country with part of its roots in the West that doesn’t parade women around in a sexual manner on TV in order to sell products.

More on the Israeli Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio:

Activities of the Second Authority aimed at maintaining the public interest in broadcast regulation . . .

Upholding the rules of ethics and the guidelines of the handbook on broadcast ethics regarding topics such as freedom of expression and the public right to know, the right to respond, good taste and others.

Ensuring that broadcasted advertisements adhere to truth in advertising, do not mislead, are not violent, nor do they offend public sensibilities. Prevention of hidden advertising.

The Second Authority for Television and Radio (Hebrew: הרשות השניה לטלויזיה ורדיו‎) is an Israeli commercial television and radio authority, established in the wake of a law passed by the Knesset in 1990.

Umm. Not to be nit picking, but Israel’s roots are out of the Middle East and North Africa.


I’m basing my statement on an interview that the late Leon Charney did on his TV program with an Israeli philosopher some years ago; it may have been with the late Rabbi David Hartman but I can’t remember. Israel is a cultural crossroads.

Anyway, the Israeli philosopher stated that Israel culturally had one foot in the West and one foot in the East.

You are, of course, free to disagree with me.

Israeli culture is much more saturated in immodest images than American culture, for example, which seems more “prudish” (or, really, just plain modest) in comparison. Especially the Israel media is notably more full of immodesty, including in newspapers and television. Americans even dress more modestly, for that matter. I don’t know the context of this particular ad, nor have I (thankfully) seen it. But I would caution you to avoid making sweeping generalizations about Israeli culture based one this single story, because, indeed, it seems that the conclusions you’ve come to are the wrong ones.

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