Baraboo church doesn't let women speak or vote

BARABOO — Women were not allowed to speak or vote Sunday as men from a Baraboo church voted to fire the principal of the church’s elementary and middle school.

John Hartwig, principal of St. John’s Lutheran School, was fired during a six-hour meeting attended by about 300 people. His suspension earlier this month sparked a public outcry from a group of parents that said he was being unfairly targeted.

Source: Baraboo church doesn’t let women speak or vote as school principal is fired.
What century are these people living in?


Its part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - its an extremely conservative denomination. Fifty years ago, they reaffirmed their statement that the Pope was the Antichrist. Thirty years ago, they were still virulently anti-Catholic, but I’ve lost track of them since then.

I believe, their decision is sexist, backward, and nonsensical. If I was a member of that church, I would leave.

That said, I would defend their right to make a dumb decision. They are not a public organization, and if they interpret their faith in that way that is their right. Remember Vermont legislators trying to tell Catholic Church’s that they need to be more Democratic and that they needed boards to oversee their clerics use of Church funds? I know that neither the Constitution nor the Declaration mention a “wall of separation.” (What it actually says is that the state may not establish, or favor, one church over another). But if we are going to pretend that such a wall exists, we could have the decency to recognize that walls are two ways. There is no such thing as a one-way wall.

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