Barack Obama: 'Fever' of Racism a 'Defining Feature' of America (NPR Interview)

“That fever, as you said, that’s been a defining feature of a lot of our life,” Obama said, adding that he never believed that Americans were living in a “post-racial era.”

Obama was widely criticized by Americans for saying in 2009 that Crowley “acted stupidly” by arresting Gates, citing “a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately,” which ultimately concluded in the famous “[beer summit](
summit/1854046/)” between Obama and the two men.

Obama said the incident was the first sign that the issue of policing of black Americans was an important issue to talk about.

Obama signaled optimism that younger Americans carried less racial baggage of past generations and cited the George Floyd protests as a sign of progress.

“I think what happened this summer with George Floyd was so important, where you saw at least some shift in the general population in recognizing that there’s real racial bias in how our criminal laws are applied and how policing operates in this country,” he said.

I know this has already been discussed in great length on these forums.
I just wish he would be quiet and not go on a book tour.

I suspect that many will be saying the same thing about Trump in a few months.

This is not a time to keep stirring the pot as has been pointed out in the discussion on a very long thread prior to this…

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So quit stirring it.

I kind of knew that was coming but still you have to report when former President Barach Obama is going around the country doing interviews on national TV and radio stations.

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