Barack Obama: The Story

Barack Obama in 1980, when ‘Barry,’ who turned 19 that year, was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Recent reviews of David Maraniss’ Barack Obama: The Story have some interesting nuggets:

The job at Business International wasn’t exactly like running Bain Capital—Mr. Obama was paid an $18,000 salary to help to write and edit newsletters for American companies doing business overseas—but it was a private-sector job. And the young Barack Obama hated it.

As he wrote in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father” (1995): “Sometimes, coming out of an interview with Japanese financiers or German bond traders, I would catch my reflection in the elevator doors—see myself in a suit and tie, a briefcase in my hand—and for a split second I would imagine myself as a captain of industry, barking out orders, closing the deal, before I remembered who it was that I wanted to be and felt pangs of guilt for my lack of resolve.”

Consider Mr. Obama’s own description of his time working at Business International and those meetings with “Japanese financiers” and “German bond traders” and that reflection in the elevator mirrors of himself wearing a suit and tie.

In reality, Mr. Maraniss finds out, Mr. Obama worked out of a tiny office barely large enough to fit a desk, dressed casually and didn’t have meetings with financiers or bond traders. “The part about seeing his reflection in the elevator doors?” recalled one supervisor. "There were not reflections there. . . . He was not in this high, talk-to-Swiss-bankers kind of role. He was in the back rooms checking things on the phone."

In the memoir, Mr. Obama’s experience at Business International, mentioned only briefly, is used as a device to portray a great temptation—he is almost seduced by the allure of a business career that would have forced him to sell his soul. The reality discovered by Mr. Maraniss is less dramatic but reveals Mr. Obama’s state of mind. He was an efficient worker and an aloof colleague. Unlike many of his young co-workers, he never arrived at work late—and never stayed late. He did what the job required, “no more and no less.” When one co-worker, knowing that Mr. Obama was a runner, suggested that they jog together after work, Mr. Obama declined, saying: “I don’t jog, I run.” It appears that he was simply biding time in a world he did not like. In a letter found by Mr. Maraniss, Mr. Obama’s mother wrote a friend: “He calls it working for the enemy because some of the reports are written for commercial firms that want to invest in [Third World] countries.”

Quite a revelation, I thought, of almost delusional thinking on Obama’s part. I can’t quite remember where that pose in the photo comes from, as young Barry apes the cool of some one he admired. Can anyone jog my memory?


Just do the world a favour and vote him out. Delusional and pretentious. Oh and no respecter of religious liberty. Destroyer of the economy. Abortion activist…and plenty more

His claim that GOP is in a war against women is a projection. He and his “gang” of baby killers and anti-family liberals are the ones who hate women. Their newest hate crime is to kill unborn females for couples who want a boy??? Who hates women??

You know what bothers me more than the lies? The fact that he lies about such small, insignificant stuff. If one can be (un)faithful in small matters…

If you’d like a real eye-opener on what exactly drives Obama, read Dinesh D’Souza’s “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” He uses Obama’s own writings and those of his own professed heroes as source texts. He’s not exactly what most people are cracking him up to be… he’s something much more dangerous.

President Obama has kept none of his promises and yet so many people (including Catholics) see nothing wrong in what he has done to our Country. He was alway for killing God’s unborn, even as Senator when a nurse spoke about babies born thru botched abortions and she said she holds the baby till the child dies and he commented throw the baby a blanket. Thank God for Cardinal Dolan who speaks out against the HHS mandate. Are we going to wait till we are not allowed to go to church. Also, with same sex marriage: I understand Catholic Chaplins will have to conform. God help America.

Thanks for the replies but I’m still looking for:

I can’t quite remember where that pose in the photo comes from, as young Barry apes the cool of some one he admired. Can anyone jog my memory?

I know I’ve seen a photo like that before, perhaps on an album cover in the 70’s or 80’s…


I can’t understand why a single Catholic voted for this man
back in 2008 to begin with.
Even then he had publicly declared, and it was widely reported ((proudly))
by the liberal media, that Jesus approved of homosexual
couplings in The Sermon On the Mount.
How could a Catholic vote for one who utters such brazen blasphemies???

Why are people acting so surprised???

Still, I pray for this man, because unlike the CATHOLIC politicians who hold his
exact same views,
our President was NOT raised in the faith and in a very real way, as
far as faith and morals goes, never had a chance in hell to arrive at the truth
or know God at all, at least in his upbringing. That cannot be said of the “Catholic”
politicians who back his whole antiFamily, antiLife agenda 100%.
They know better, at least a lot better than HE does, and
are thus far more accountable.

Delusions of grandeur? That comes from either a sociopathic mind, which I don’t think
he has, or else a great deal of insecurity, perhaps begun in childhood. I can relate
to THAT, because I too had great delusions of grandeur and even now have to fight the temptation to make myself out, in relating stories, to be “bigger” than I actually was.
It’s an all-too-human temptation, but he seems to do it to a great degree.
Kinda like somebody who had a low-on-the-rung job claiming on his resume that
he was president of the company he previously worked for instead.

The photo?
Perhaps a takeoff on one of the guys, when dressed-up,
from “Earth, Wind and Fire”???
(( oh lord, now I’m REALLY revealing my age ))

I think this pose is from a Michael Jackson Album.

Personally, what Obama believes doesn’t affect me, but when he starts trying to shove that belief down people’s throats, that’s a problem.

Argh… I REALLY don’t like that man…

At this point, few people do.

I wish that were the truth, but unfortunately, it is not.

The polls show that the majority of the population prefers Obama and plans to vote for Obama over Romney.

There is no doubt in my mind he will get reelected. :frowning:

Really? There is a lot of doubt in my mind. The polls at this point don’t really matter, but they show a virtual dead heat at the moment, and there’s a lot of time left for Romney to gain voters. According to, at the moment, Obama has a lead of 38 electoral votes on Romney. But Colorado, Nevada, Iowa and Virginia are all favoring Obama by two points or less. If Romney can reverse that margin in Virginia and one of the other three, he wins.

If Mitt Romney runs a good campaign, he will be our president.


But unfortunately, Obama is the master of campaigning.

Nah. Obama isn’t in Bill Clinton’s league as a campaigner. Clinton was a master at the art. Obama’s just a good public speaker, and people have gotten wise to his tricks.

His belief in dismantling the First Amendment is the one that’s bothering me the most at the moment. That’s going to affect each and every one of us, and not just in regards to religious freedom. He’s shown absolute contempt for the idea of a free press from the second he took office. There’s a reason our founding fathers put those particular rights in the First Amendment. When they fall by the wayside, it makes us less of a country.

Honestly at this point I just can’t stand hearing his voice or seeing his face… I’ve grown sooo sick of it.

You are right though, a lot of his views are just down right scary.

I’m still shocked by how much the liberal media is defending him. I was reading an article about the Fast & Furious scandal/Executive Privilege this morning, and not only did make sure to point out how much Clinton & Bush used it, but it also referred to Holder’s apparently dishonest comments about the operation as “unintentional contradictions.” Nice that they’ve got such insight.

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