Barbara Pierce Bush, daughter of President W. Bush, set to speak at Planned Parenthood event



Meh. Do we really expect young adults to hold all the views that their parents do?


I don’t think any of the women in the Bush family are pro-life. It’s been made known that Barbara and Laura disagreed with their husbands on the issue.


If by “pro-life” you mean not “pro choice”, then yes that’s how I’ve always understood it as well.


Does this mean the college graduates of 2030 will be free speech activists who reject sexual liberalism and regressive social justice? :smiley:


I apparently can’t say anything because I have honestly been told that I’m not allowed to have an opinion on abortion because I’m male.


Who told you that? Someone pro choice? I’m male and I have an opinion. Are you sure they meant you can’t have an opinion or did they mean in the end they believe legally that ultimately the decision should be up to the woman?


Radical feminists and those profiting from abortions would probably indicate men have no say.


Clipped from the article in the Original Post:

According to Buzzfeed, more than 2,000 are expected to attend the luncheon, with tickets costing $150 to $20,000 a table.

Gee, imagine how many abortions that will help pay for. I wonder what the “going rate” Is to snuff out a baby.



I guess the best opinion and decision to make might be to avoid sexual relations with a woman who is not your wife and open to life.

You don’t have an opinion for the most part is spot on. You do have a “choice” to avoid situations that will put you in a position where a woman IS pregnant and that does have the right to kill her baby and yours.

Men have the choice indeed to avoid all such situations.



I remember knowing even as a teen indifferent to all matters religion and that supported gay peoples relationships that killing the baby was wrong deep down in my conscience. I cannot wrap my mind around the notion of people having a conscience that genuinely goes “Yes. Destroying this life is right.” I therefore tend to see prochoicers as victims of indoctrination and brainwashing. People who on this issue have failed to carry out a proper discernment of what their own conscience in the sacred depths of their soul away from all the noise of the world really truly tells them is right and true.


I would say he does have an opinion as any human has a right to on fundamental questions of the right to life. What he does not have is control over anyone else but himselr.


Maybe. The rate of teen sex is supposedly down, so who knows.
With the growing streak of individualism it’ll probably be “I choose not to do xyz…” Instead of “let’s force/pressure everyone to do or not do xyz”


I guess she wants people to know what a modern woman she is. :frowning:


That was my impression as well.


I heard a sound bite from the Woman’s March.When asked why she was participating,her response.For women’s reproductive rights…I don’t tell men when they can shave,so they cannot tell me when or not to have a baby!Really???:rolleyes:
What a pathetic analogy!


I’m not too sure about that. The number of performed abortions may be declining but the birth control industry isn’t hurting.


Male babies are the equally the victims of abortion. That’s like saying that sane people can’t speak out against the victims of murderers because they aren’t mentally ill and they don’t know what it’s like. Or saying only child rapists should have a say in whether child rape should be legal because it’s all about the rapist’s bodies. The victims of abortion don’t really get a chance to have their say.


Maybe there should be a "counter Planned Parenthood event.

[Example: Why should someone who posted dissection of aborted babies be prosecuted? Remember David Daleiden.]


As did Nancy Reagan with her husband.

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