Barbara Walter's anti Catholic Remarks


I received the following from the Catholic League. Did anyone watch the show? I have watched her show in the past and those woman are not friendly to the Catholic faith.

September 28, 2005


The following is Bill Donohue’s letter to ABC personality Barbara Walters:

It seems you have a problem with the Catholic Church. On the September 22 episode of “The View,” you read a selection from the Catholic Catechism on homosexuality that you found disagreeable. To be precise, you wondered aloud what the Church meant by saying homosexuality was an “objective disorder.” To the approval of your co-hosts, you further added that celibacy was “unnatural” or “supposedly” so. Moreover, co-hosts Meredith Vieira, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar piled on by speaking in the most disparaging way about the Catholic Church’s teachings on women, celibacy and homosexuality. As the executive producer of this show, you watched approvingly.

You have crossed the line. You and your friends wouldn’t dare read selections from the Torah or the Koran and then castigate Jews and Muslims. Nor would you ridicule the sexual practices of Orthodox Jews or Muslims during Ramadan. That’s because anti-Catholicism finds a ready audience in this country today, and it is because of people like you that the bigots are so fat. You feed them well, Ms. Walters.

Sadly, you are no stranger to this issue. On the July 20 episode of “Good Morning America,” you dipped into America’s ugly history of anti-Catholicism by trying to establish a nexus between John Roberts’ Roman Catholicism and his ability to render an independent judgment from the bench. After noting his religion, you asked, “Do you think it might affect him as a Supreme Court Justice?” Yet when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was being considered for the high court, you never once cited her Jewishness as a possible impediment to clear thinking. No, it took a Roman Catholic to make you nervous.

We urge our members to contact her by phone at 212-456-7050; fax her at 212-456-0951; write her at “The View,” 320 W. 66th St., Bsmt Level, NY, NY 10023; or provide feedback at

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

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It always makes me feel good when such worldly people attack the Church. It’s a reaffirmation that we must be doing something right :thumbsup:


And I am reminded, once again, Why I never watch ABC :frowning:


Rejoice, we must be doing some right if BW is trying to knock us down. It is a sign of fear that so many people are attacking the faith. I think a bunch of people can see that the Church has turned a corner–the gates of hades have once again tried to get rid of the Church…but the promise Jesus made is unbreakable and the Church move on through history. Ten years from now the Church will be stronger then ever before and many people are very scared of that thought.

Now is the time to evangelize like crazy! :slight_smile:


Interesting…I have sent an email and I plan on sending a fax too.

Just for information…the Cherokee nation does not recognize same sex marriages. THAT HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED IN THE MAIN STREAM PRESS.


I never watch The View or Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres. I know ahead of time there will be venom hidden in all their honey, especially when addressing moral issues taught by the Church. I’m thankful the Catholic Defense League is trying to hold such people’s feet to the fire when it comes to their blatant Catholic bashing, but I doubt it will have little effect. Their audiences want to hear them attack the Church by calling our beliefs intolerant, which is ironic considering they have no toleration for anyone who disagrees with them. The Church is in direct opposition to these libertines, self-absorbed feminists, and death dealers that have a stranglehold on the minds and hearts of so many, which is why they hate it so much.


Thanks for the thread. You reminded me that I want to donate to the Catholic League.


I sent a reply as well.


[quote=Maranatha]Thanks for the thread. You reminded me that I want to donate to the Catholic League.

You’re welcome. Yes, it reminded me too. I was looking for another worthwhile organization to contribute.
God bless,
joeysmom :slight_smile:
PS: I did leave feedback for Ms. Walters and her co-hosts.


Fear not, the Church haters are aborting themselves into meaninglessness.


I’ll be sure to send a reply. I love Donohue. Let’s pray he lives a long and healthy life.

Think they’ll invite him on ‘The View’ to discuss? I’d have no worries at all he could hold his own even with all those women against him! He’s awesome.


Surprise, surprise, someone dissing the Church. Like Donahue says, people always attack the Catholic Church. Since Sept. 11, 2001, the governmet has strived for people to not hate Islam or speak badly of them, while giving no protection to the true Church of Christ, Catholicism.


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