Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused


The artists’ collection featured on their Facebook page includes religious figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Although the artists decided against creating a Ken doll as Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, they do depict Jesus being crucified on the cross.



Waiting for Mattel to weigh in on this. :eek:


Me too! How is this not prosecutable?


They probably have never heard of it. They don’t want to alienate their customers so I bet there will be a lawsuit.


I don’t know what other folks think about this and I really don’t care. All I know is I believe this is abominable, and what I consider blaspheomus. Please try to say a Rosary every day. Our world is unbelievably sordid and scary. Prayer is the only thing that keeps me calm these days.
And my blood pressure is better since I started praying as much as I can each and every day!


On their Facebook page the two artists write in Spanish that there was no way they would depict Muhammad out of their great respect for Islam but stressed they did not intend to offend any religion.

Too bad there wasn’t universal “great respect” for all faiths.


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