Bare Bones 'fridge

So…what’s for Sunday dinner or supper? I’m stewing. I emptied out the fridge and am making a really good stew. Everything that was in the 'fridge is no more. It is all in the stewpot-low and slow. I hate to waste food, esp. when I know so many go without daily.
I think I will have enough to freeze for a couple days or when the wind blows. How about you? Are you somewhat ‘poveretical?’


Does popcorn count?

“Clean out the fridge day” happened to fall on Sunday this time around (we usually have this about every three or four days.)

With just three of us at home, leftovers tend to accumulate, so every third or fourth day everyone fends for themselves at dinner time. We all worked a long day yesterday, so today we’re just grazing and grabbing a container out of the fridge and microwaving it whenever we’re hungry.

We don’t get very many lazy days like this and the weather is gloomy so it’s perfect!

Sounds good to me except I don’t have any!

We just loaded up our fridge. Lots of veggies, salmon, pork loin and ground turkey. Best of all…Turkey Hill ice cream 2 for $5!


Also sonds good. It is just that tomorrow. will be busy for me so I am getting it done late this afternoon and the leftovers a about to pack up and leave town. Don’t want to toss out mushrooms. ribs or chicken as unwanted guest so into the stew pot they go!

Is Turkey Hill in PA. by any chance?

Yes it is!

In Matamoris, Pa? If it is I know thee well.

I’m pretty sure it’s in Columbia, PA, just east of Harrisburg.

Or I should say I know PJ well.

That reminds me, I have to start making use of what’s in my pantry.

Sounds yummy!

I tend to do this when I make a pot of soup. :slight_smile:

I will go through the freezer and throw in odds and ends of any frozen veggies that I have in there, that I might have started and then forgotten that I opened up, so into the soup they go!

We had barbecued pulled chicken sandwiches with some leftover macaroni and potato salad from the other day that I wanted to use up, so that was our dinner for tonight.

I don’t like to waste any food, so when we have leftovers, I like to use them up, too.

God bless everyone. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to read what others are doing, too.

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I do this too when I run out of food and have leftovers. It is usually a rice meal with bits of the leftovers. That is everything gets fried, cooked, boiled and then the rice goes in with added water and this results in a meal that will last several days.
I don’t usually have meat leftovers since I rarely eat it.


I make something for dinner every night and any leftovers go to work the next day for lunch.

Tonight I’m making chicken and dumplings.

When the fridge and pantry are bare, it’s usually grilled cheese sandwiches!

Bon Appetit!

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I love Chicken % Dumplings! Have not had them for a long time. Bought chicken on sale just for that but have not made them yet.

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My fridge needs new seals and isn’t working well apart from that,so at the moment it Is down to the bare bones with everything being used quickly.I will make soups and stews regularly and freeze little portions.In a way it’s kind of fun to have to.


The British made a dish out of leftover veggies called Bubbles and Squeak.
It is pretty easy to make.


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