Baring My Soul Again


Is it wrong to wanting a better job than the one I that I have right now? I really want a job that pays well. Not something that will make me rich nor anything, but just something were I can support myself and my daughter, were I can have money accessable when I need it to pay a bill, buy groceries, buy clothes(nothing fancy), and just be able to live on without having to depend on anyone. I would love to get a car. Not a expensive one, just something were I can go to work and to the store. I don’t have a good education like others.

Is it also wrong to be jealous of my younger sister who graduated with honors from school and had an university education and has the best jobs and I graduated from high school but only went to community college and I didn’t graduate because I have difficulty with some subjects?

I am the black sheep of the family and everyone else in my family is successful but me. they are happy with their marriage, their jobs, and their lives and I feel like I can’t do anything right. I can never keep a job just because I am a slow learner and it takes time for me to complete things. I have a disability. I don’t know what it is. It might me ADD.

The reason why I wanted a husband is to help me with the bills. I can’t be by myself. I am afraid. Afraid of being homeless and not able to provide for my kids. Actually, I wanted to be a housewife and stayed home to cook, clean, and raise the kids, but I that wasn’t meant to be. I don’t have alot of desires. My biggest desire is to be with my kids and also have animals. I would love to go to Mexico as many times as I please to see my family there.

I can’t please anyone. I don’t really like myself and I feel like a failure. I cry alot and I feel alot of anguish. I don’t know how to get closer to God. I tried reading the bible and try praying the rosary, but I get tired from working and raising my daughter. sometimes I desire to go. No, I won’t commit suicide, but I feel like the world would be better off without me. I feel like a burden. I wish there was someone I could bare my soul to without being critized. Someone I can use their shoulder to cry on.


*Oh I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. If it’s any consolation, many of us go through dark times in our lives…albeit differently from one another. When you are most down, turn to Mother Mary, and ask her to pray for you. Sometimes, just saying the Rosary, can put everything (almost instantly) in perspective, and even though my life issues might not clear up…I have a greater sense of calm after talking to Mary, and Jesus.

Second, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money…you sound like your reasons are not self centered, sounds reasonable. I don’t know what you do now for a living, but is there any opportunity for promotion? Can you talk to your employer and ask what you can do to advance? If you don’t see a future where you are…maybe start putting your resume out…what are some areas you can see yourself doing well in, and being an asset to a company? Sometimes, we get in ruts, and the devil likes when we wallow in our ruts. :o Don’t let the devil talk you out of any dreams you may have…

I will keep you in my prayers…in the meantime. :heart:*


It’s hard being a single mom but don’t fall into that trap that a man can save you. I seen so many women fall into that trap and that will just bring you much more unhappiness. God is & will take care of you & your children…I know because I raised both my children by myself and we went through the grind financially but somehow we never had the electricity turned off and we always had a roof over our head. I know that dreadful fear of being homeless and not having enough for groceries all of that I know.

Put your Trust in God and do the best you can. God cares for both your body & soul…He created you & He Loves you. You are here in this world because God wanted you here. I used to think the same way you are right now…& now at 46 years old He is fixing me up. I’m going to pray especially for you & your family…God is with you believe that!
Take advantage of the help that is available I was just told about this organization called Angel food ministries google it that will help you with food. Take the initiative as much as you can a little bit at a time.
If you want to go to school, then check into it…there are grants available and also help with daycare assistance. You are going to have to do your homework but start searching. I think you are selling yourself short…you are a lot smarter than you think you are. Sometimes our perceptions are very distorted and we don’t see ourselves as we are…we cut ourselves down to nothing and that is not true humility…
Give Catholic Social Services a call and start from there. God knows your needs…so pray and do your little part and God will do His big part.

God Bless-you are my special person I will pray for…


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