Barker Says O'Donnell Could Replace Him


Now this is scary :eek:

Barker Says O’Donnell Could Replace Him
Jun 16 07:04 AM US/Eastern

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Bob Barker endorsed his friend Rosie O’Donnell as a possible successor on “The Price Is Right,” although the newly retired host isn’t sure CBS wants a woman to take over the game show.

“I believe they’re going to have a meeting with Rosie,” Barker said backstage Friday night at the Daytime Emmy Awards, where he won his 19th trophy.

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It is no surprise. Both are representative of the radical left fringe.


Yuck. Rosie O’Donnell.

I want GEORGE BOSWELL from Big Brother to be the host of Price is Right. I went to high school with George and know him pretty well. His ambition is to be a game show host. He’s sweet, fun, creative, comfortable behind a mike, a great ad libber, charitable, and he’s a great family man. If you don’t remember him from Big Brother, check him out:


It’s as simple as this. If O’Donnell replaces him, I will never watch the show again. They can’t be serious, can they?


I never watch the show no so this will not change my viewing habits. This is very disturbing!! shaking Very disturbing indeed!

Can’t she just go away. She is like gas prices to me, whether they are up or down I am sick of hearing about them but if they were down, we all could stop talking about them!


I hear that and second the motion!


I never watch it, but I **never will **watch it if she’s the host. Rosie O’Donnell is the most annoying woman on the face of the planet - and her statements about how fervert Christians are as dangerous as radical Muslims totally infuriated me.


did you want to blow her up with a car? lol

everyone has and is entitled to an opinion.
personally if she takes over it has no bearing at all on whether I watch the show or not,But I am sure they can find someone with a less anoying voice…


did not know he was still alive. didn’t he act as MC for Miss American pageant as well? will she be replacing him there? now that is a scenario that would be interesting.


She’ll just turn mindless programming for senior citizens into an opportunity to spout her diatribes against anyone who doesn’t agree with her.


I just happened to think. At least our area, Price is Right is on the same time as the View. I wonder if this has any bearing on the outcome?



My son was just cast in Grease, and I bought the Broadway album from iTunes. We were listening to it Saturday in the car, when suddenly a voice I recognized came on – it was Rosie playing the part of Rizzo singing, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee.”

What’s really weird is that I SWEAR I downloaded the 1972 version, not the 1994 revival. It’s a conspiracy, I say!

Now she’s on my iPod!!! :eek:



Rosie’s annoying voice (she was the baby gorilla) totally ruined Disney’s Tarzan for me.


I can see it now “War mongeroing homophobe come on down!”


Our God is kind and merciful. This will never happen.


No, that was Bert Parks.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Estesbob, I was taking a sip of Diet Coke as I read your post & almost ruined my keyboard!! That was funny!


HAHAHAHA!!! :smiley:


As long as she doesn’t editorialize her political views, then who cares? I don’t watch the show anyway.



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