Barnes & Noble fires back

They are taking aim at Amazon’s Kindle with their new entry into the e-reader sweepstakes, the Nook. It looks pretty much the same as a Kindle except that you can lend books.

Yea I saw that the other day on thier web-site. From what I hear it is all moot anyways (for the Kindle and those devices like it) as soon as the *Apple Tablet *(I think that is what they are calling it) hits the market.

Perhaps I am old school but I like the feel of a real, paper made, book in my hands.

God bless

I just watched the little video you posted (I didn’t see it the first time).

Looks pretty cool. Just a couple of things that would concern me:

1). It looked like it was pretty slow in turning pages and changing applications. I have never seen how fast a kindle changes its pages so I don’t know if the Nook is on par in this area with the kindle but it looked pretty slow to me.

  1. the touch screen. I have a phone that is a touch screen and I have vowed to never buy another phone that is a touch screen. To be fair I bought the phone a year ago so I am not sure how much they have improved with the technology but I cannot count how many times I have gone to push “answer” on my phone and had it push “ignore” instead. Or how many times I have simply been unable to do anything on it because the touch screen was so badly off.

Just a couple of thoughts that went through my simple little mind.

God bless

Being able to ‘lend’ a book is an intriguing idea.

'course w/ the size of my wallet, I’ll be sticking to the paper version of lending for quite some time.

Here is an article from TIME, Nine E-readers to Gawk at.
I was telling my wife about the Sony e-reader which I’d seen in Wal-Mart & how it could hold hundreds of books and she gave me the look – she’s always after me to “de-cluttrer” by getting rid of my books.
I told her it cost $200 and she said, “It would be worth it”.

Too bad we can’t get e-knick knacks for her :smiley:

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