Baron Alexander Tschugguel of Pachamama fame calls for Pope to clarify what he said about gay unions


Is there perhaps an article? Something?


I haven’t see one, so far only a tweet. That’s why I didn’t put it in the Catholic News section

God bless him!

O Holy Fathers Alexander of Alexandria and Alexander of Constantinople, pray for Baron Tschuggel who bears your names!


I seriously doubt that the Pope will clarify anything. It’s not in his nature to do so. As someone else said, “If you don’t fix it, you bought it”. Therefore, unless he personally addresses this, myself and others will assume he meant exactly what he said.


I absolutely agree.


Did you read the title of this thread?

If you mean Baron Tschugguel, the answer is yes.

Can you say who you are referring to?

I believe @umamibella is referring to Taylor Marshall.


Here’s what the Great and somewhat accurate Wikipedia says:

“In an interview published on 27 March 2020, it was revealed that Tschugguel and (Taylor) Marshall conspired originally to remove a tree planted in the Vatican Gardens during the Amazon Synod. When the fertility statues were displayed in the churches of Rome, Marshall, in Texas, instead paid the airfare for Tschugguel to come from Vienna to jettison the statues. Marshall would go on to edit and publish video footage of the removal and throwing of the statues on an anonymous YouTube channel.[3]


IMNVHO, Baron Tschuggel is another Phinees. C.f. Num. 25: 11.

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Conspired? It was a conspiracy?

Can you post a valid link please and not just a photo, or give the photo credit. Post the link to the tweet please so we can determine and report on and discuss the extent of those involved. Or do you want me to link up links? I ask because it is your thread. Quite happy to do so.

Someone else beat you to it mate.

The LSN photo is different to yours.

Where is your link? I am asking for your original tweetlink to the photo.

It wouldnt happen to be this tweet would it, same photo you have posted as the ‘news worthy item’ on the topic of this thread.

Both these tweets are on topic, one contains the original photo of this thread. Proves my theory in that they are working together on this. Cant wait for ‘the talk’ myself. Can you?

Well, I’m glad he didn’t kill an innocent tree.


Like the foolish virgins, I’m arriving late at the party. My apologies. I never even heard about that tree business. What was all that about?

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During the controversial prayer service in the Vatican Gardens, a tree was planted. Apparently the Baron was going to chop it down, but decided to go grab the Pachamamas out of the church where they were kept, instead.

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