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Last night I was browsing the internet – something which I’ve been doing a shamefully lot of lately :hmmm: – and stopped by the Baronius Press website. I see that they are now offering the 1962 Daily Missal (see link below).

For those of us who celebrate Novus Ordo, is something like this a wise buy? I’ve never owned a missal, much less do I know how to use one, unless it comes in the form of Magnificat’s easy to follow layout. However, I like the look of this missal. Is it proper for me, though? Maybe I should be looking at a different type of missal?

Any opinions, or recommendations?


I own that same Missal and it is great! However you mentioned the Novus Ordo. This Missal is for the liturgy according to the 1962 rite, i.e. the traditional Latin Mass. It could add some depth to the Novus Ordo. I use it at times when I go to the New Mass but it only makes me want to be every day at the traditional Latin Mass.

Pax Christi tecum.


Hmm, I was afraid of that. Do you know if there are missals for the Novus Ordo which the laity can purchase?

I did like this Baronius Press one not only for its content and use of language, but also the lovely illustrations. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing! :smiley:


Yes, the prayers are beautiful and the language inspiring - just like the 1962 Mass! Maybe you can find a traditional Latin Mass near you. I’ve been greatly blessed by it.

I don’t know if such Missals exist for the New Mass. All I’ve seen is the missals in the pews at Mass with the paper covers or else the Magnificat.

Pax Christi tecum.


This website offers Sunday and weekday missals for the Novus Ordo Mass (individually or in a boxed set).

The link above is the publisher’s website. You can get the same books from other sellers (Amazon, etc.). You may want to check around for prices.


There are LOTS of missals for the Ordinary Form. The most famous is the St. Joseph’s Missal, but the best is the Daily Roman Missal. It is outstanding, and extensive. HOWEVER… now is not the best time to buy a missal since they are about to approve a new translation of the Mass that will begin use in 2010.

An alternative you might consider in the meantime is a subscription to Magnificat, which is a monthly missal that you subscribe to. It’s very good, and includes LOTS of devotional stuff.


Thanks for the warning! I think Magnificat will definitely be my best bet for now.


Glad to help. I subscribe to Magnificat, and it is always extremely useful and interesting. One of my favorite parts is in the back, where they take a particular religious work of art and break it down and explain it. That said, you may still want to check out the Daily Roman Missal for later. It’s amazing how much they pack in that book!


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