Baronius press daily missal

hi i ran out and bought a new 1962 baronius press daily missal item # 5201 , 2216 pg. it only covers sundays. please help me to find what to read for the rest of the week. thank you.:confused:

I don’t believe Baronius has just a Sunday Missal. Check it again. I have the same one and it covers all the days. In the Extraordinary Form (1962) I believe days which do not have a special feast or observance allow the celebrant to say Mass from the previous Sunday or a votive Mass of his choice. Hence, not every day is covered in your missal, but it IS daily. I also have a St. Joseph Sunday Missal from 1958. There is a tremendous difference.

Hope that helps.


please then look up todays readings in the baronius press missal. if you would please let me know what page to look at. thank you:confused:

Sure thing! If I was going to attend Mass today I would flip to the “Propers of the Saints” section and look for July 24th.

Page: 1391
July 24
Commemoration of St. Christina, Virgin, Martyr:

You’ll see it tells you to turn to page 1052 for the collects of a virgin martyr. There are no special propers for her, so the common ones for a virgin martyr are used in her honor. I would guess your priest will use these readings for today’s Mass.

The missal takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, its a piece of cake.

i looked and i think todays readings are Ex.14:21-15:/St.Matt. 12:46-50?

Unless I am completely off or we have different page numbers, your readings should be: (Page 1052)

At the top of your page it should say “II. Mass: Me Exspectaverunt … of a Virgin Martyr.”

The Introit: Ps. 118. 95-96
"Me exspectaverunt peccatores, ut perderent me…"

“Indulgentiam nobis, quaesumus…”

Lesson: Eccl. 51. 13-17
"Domine Deus meus, exaltasti super terram…"

Gradual Ps. 45. 6, 5

and the Gospel should be

St. Matthew 13:44-52

I have only been using my Baronius Press Missal to follow the Ordinary of the Mass, Pray the “Most Necessary Prayers”, a pre-communion prayer, and to flip read random readings/gospels in Latin & English - I also used it as a place to store holy cards, etc. but that doesn’t count. :wink: The point is though that I haven’t been following the daily readings - and having followed the advise given to the OP I found todays… Interestingly I found the same gospel two or three days ago and printed it out. Maybe God wants me to meditate on it… :smiley:


I don’t have the Baronius Press Missal but this is what is in the Angelus Press Missal for today.


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