Baronius Press Roman Breviary Question?



I prayed the LOTH for ~ 8 years and am familiar with the page and ribbon flipping and the basic rhythm of the Breviary but the BR does not come with a guide or even an Ordo of some sort.

I am using Brevmeum App to compare and have figured out most of it and am in the flow of it BUT I am not finding the collects for the feria days that match for the various hours, or any for that matter.

I understand the Baronius uses the 1960 Rubrics and I see that’s what Brevmeum uses but can find a matching prayer. This link has another very similar form and I cannot find these prayers anywhere:

If someone could send me the page numbers for say October 29th Vespers final prayer I could probably figure out the rest.




I don’t know the Baronius Breviary personally, but I know the 1962 Divine Office. On feria days you repeat the collects of the previous Sunday. So for an October Feria you’d use the collect from the preceding Sunday’s II Vespers. For Lauds-None you’d use the Sunday Lauds collect.

That’s how it generally works. However because this past Sunday was the Feast of Christ the King in the Extraordinary Form I don’t quite know whether you’d use the propers of that Feast or if you’d use the Sunday After Pentecost propers.

In Jesus and Mary,


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