I work in a bar. Not at all a very holy place. I know pimps, prostitutes, women that have had abortions, atheists and drug dealers. I feel like I should be helping these people. I think of Jesus eating with the tax collectors and sinners and saying these are the people that need help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to use this unique position to do good?

For starters, you’ve got a lot of people to pray for. When you get the chance to talk with them, ask for their names (if that’s allowed) so you can pray for them by name.

Maybe you can make it known that you are Catholic in a way that is not pushy. People don’t like that, it putts them off. If someone wants to talk to you about the faith they will do that, even if they just ask you to pray for them.

To be honest, I’d be way out of my comfort zone doing what you do. For a start I’m hard of hearing, so bartending would be almost impossible for me. And I don’t much care for pub culture, even if I have a drink at home from time to time.

Christ had these people hanging on his every word, because they’d seen what he could do. But we don’t have miracles dripping off our fingers to attract crowds of repentant sinners. Nor are we God in the flesh.

So what He did, and what we do are two different things most of the time.

You’re more limited in what you can do to evangelise.

Also you need to be careful how you do so, as your boss may tell you he pays you to bartend rather than evangelise.

In the meantime though, you can pray. You could ask God to bring someone across your path who needs help and is prepared to ask for help. But rather than take the whole responsibility on yourself, you might need to network. Find out who the relevant agencies are in your area that help people, and make a few inquires so you’re forearmed when such a request does come your way.

You could also just offer normal Christian charity, maybe turn the other cheek when you get the inevitable drunken insult, and so on.

For the time being then, it’s a case of starting small, and playing it by ear.

Golly what a GREAT opportunity! Do you get to wear tshirts and jeans to work? Get one that says Cool to be Catholic or something like that and wear it. Make sure you are wearing a blessed crucifix. Watch your own language, laugh a LOT at the foibles of the world, show concern for those being persecuted…and be sure to identify with all those sinners so they know we are their hospital and just waiting for them to come to the emergency room.

this is COOL…and I mean COOL…I am going pray for you a LOT!!!:thumbsup:

All of the posts already listed here include some nuggets of good suggestions and information. I guess all I really wanted to say was that simply by being you, and being there, you invariably will find ways to plant seeds in the minds of others without being intrusive. Your example and your words reflect your faith even when you do not realize it. So do not underestimate the impact you may be having already without realizing it. Of course if you find some obvious opportunity to bring the faith to life or into the open, take it. But we have to remind ourselves that we evangelize even when we do not realize the work is already being done.

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