Baseball hat Benedict: Pope sports a very casual cap

The 83-year-old even colour-coordinated his new cap, perhaps mindful of the need for it to blend in with his white robe and white hair.

Pope Benedict donned the trendy hat as he walked around his estate in Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome.

I don’t like it, but I guess he needed something to keep the sun out of his eyes.

I thought it was kind of cool. I’m not insulting him at all, I like it.

Trendy??? If that is trendy then I am totally out of the loop.:stuck_out_tongue: It looked like those caps that ‘old’ people wear.:cool: As for practical reasons, the Pope is pretty old I would guess that his hair is pretty thin and if he doesn’t wear a hat in the bright sun, then he will get a sun burn on his scalp. (My dad can attest that a sun burned scalp is very bad). And hey, it wasn’t a cap with a sports team logo on it. :shrug:

Not that it was the Pope’s intention (I don’t pretend to know that :wink:), but I think it’s cute. He’s an old man, for goodness sake! Let him wear something comfortable. God knows he’s got enough on his plate without worrying about fashion, too. :rolleyes:

I totally agree. I don’t know who would have a problem with this.

Looking good, Benny!

I smiled. :slight_smile:
He looks so sweet in it, too! I love it!

And I thought the Holy Father would wear the cappello romano:

I think it’s awesome. I might just send him a Juventus cap:D (the Holy Father is a juventino :cool: )

Gee I should send him my Blue Jays cap!!!

He should be wearing a Padres hat. If not for the obvious connotation then for the fact that the season the Padres are having is nothing short of a miracle… :smiley:

or Cardinals :smiley:

To quote Jesus, “The healthy have no need of a Doctor, but the sick do”, the Padres don’t need his help, the Blue Jays certainly do!!!

Why do you want His Holiness to commit heresy?


Hey! Religion is religion, but baseball is LIFE.

We’ve got to keep our priorities straight!

Besides people, I’m a PIRATES fan (the few, the proud…well, mainly just the few) so I know about suffering! :smiley:

Any who disapprove should buy one of these for His Holiness.

Very cute Papa!

Amen to that! :smiley: :thumbsup:

I think it was a pretty cool-looking piece of headgear. At least it kept the sun out of his eyes while walking in the gardens of Castel Gandolfo with his secretary ‘BelGiorgio’. :slight_smile:

As regards to him having thinning hair-not the last time I looked! Sometimes when the wind is blowing, he has to take off his skullcap [zucchetto in Italian] because it doesn’t sit on his THICK head of hair!

He’s brought back some of the older forms of papal headgear: the saturno [broad-brimmed hat] and the camauro [as some wags have called it ‘the Santa Claus cap’].

Now if he would only don the tiara…:cool:

Now this is hilarious!!

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