Basic guildines on music

Hello everyone

I have a question I read that disrespectful music is a sin what is difined as dispretful. I have been in a baptisted membe of the catholic church and only have recently gotten into my faith (I was baptised got all the first commion, etc but did not attend church reguyaly). My parnets really never taught me any of this stuff as a child and now as teenager I really need to know what are the basic parmaters for what would be called a disrespectful song.

P.s I do know that a song that makes fun of/or dennyies the eistes of god in really obvious way is disrespectful song. also plz forgive any spelling errors

First of all, its only rock and roll. So don’t sweat it. Because, second, if you do obsess over it, as you will be advised to shortly by people who, for some reason, think you’re not trolling, you’ll never, ever, enjoy popular music again and rightly be considered a complete nerd by people your age. Now, go listen to *Sympathy for the Devil *and report back.

If someone ever has the guts to make a movie based on C.S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters”, it would be a sin if that song wasn’t used somewhere, even if it’s just in the end credits.

Okay I ask this question cause I want to now if it okay for me to listen to REPO the gentic opera.

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