'Basic Instinct' Director Paul Verhoeven: Jesus Was Son of Mary, Rapist


The article says that he is a Catholic…how in the world can you be a Catholic and not believe that Jesus is God???

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This gentleman is probably one of our many educated idiots in this country. It’s easy for one to claim that they are Catholic, but if he really believes this theory, he is not Catholic in my book.

It is difficult to measure all the idiocies in this matter.

What does it say about the intelligence of Mr. Verhoeven?

What does it say about the intelligence of all the so-called researchers cited who reinforce these notions?

What does it say about the reporter who wrote the article and the editor(s) who call this fellow a Catholic?

What does it say about the intelligence of so many who will swallow this drivel.

It is hard not to be saddened by all this and wonder what will be God’s merciful judgement on these poor souls.

Hmmm, he directed Shogirls, Starship Troppers, and Robocop. It’s very hard to believe that anyone will take him seriously after hearing he directed those movies. I wouldn’t worry too much.
I’m not getting upset about this because frankyl, the guys an idiot.

Oh brother. What junk…

Well, I’ve also heard the “theory”, also from people who claim to be Christian, that Mary was a temple prostitute (and that apparently “wasn’t a big deal back then, we’re just hung up about sex nowadays” :rolleyes: ) and that’s how Jesus was conceived :confused: .

When you’re trying to disprove the miraculous, idiocy knows no bounds.

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I can’t help thinking that people with views like this who spend so much of their time on Jesus must feel very threatened by something…or else why waste their time?

So true. That is what the Relativism of the left will do to you.

You know what they say in Hollywood, bad publicity is still publicity. Apparently after that string of movies he was ready to go overboard on something. Apparently we know what he will sell his soul for.

I had this debate with a fellow Catholic once when I was in college. I won’t mention the details, but it floored me when she claimed that Mary was raped.

What alarms me is that Verhoeven may be ramping up support for a Jesus movie.:eek:

I didn’t see where the director claimed Jesus was not God.

Does it really matter if he believes whether Jesus is God? He is essentially rejecting the Creed that says.

[sign]He Was Conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit and Born of the Virgin Mary

“This is our faith. This is the faith of the Church. We are proud to profess it, in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

If a person is going to claim that the director doesn’t believe Jesus is God, then yes it matters if that is untrue.

You know. If I was evil, I’d note that Paul Verhoeven was born in 1938, and could possibly be the child of Adolf Hitler. Good thing I’m not evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Mary was raped by a Roman soldier and that was how Jesus was conceived, then he could hardly be the Son of God, could he? Denying the incarnation is denying Christ’s divinity.

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I see your point on that, what I am saying is that he doesn’t have to go out and say “I don’t believe Jesus is God” in order for someone to question his Catholicism. He is going against the teachings of the faith by claiming that Christ was not concieved by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is stuff that was ironed out at Nicea.

If Verhoeven does believe Jesus is God, he’s keeping it a secret. SHHHH

We are all sons and daughters of God. How can he hold Jesus as Divine if his genetic father were human? I suppose the question could be put to us how we hold Jesus as Divine given that his mother was human.

I don’t know what form of Christology Verhoeven holds to. The fact that he quibbles over details, however important we may hold those details to be, does not mean he automatically rejects everything that we believe.

Very true. However, not all Christians accept the teachings of Nicaea.

Didn’t someone once say 'the devil is in the details"? We pose Jesus as fully human AND fully divine. I see your point that he might not reject all of our faith, but he seems to be motivated to disagree with a major tenet of the Church that Jesus is the Son of God.

We are not Sons of God in the sense that Christ is…there is a HUGE HUGE difference. Verhoeven says that BOTH of Jesus’ parents were human. We say that Mary was human but that God was his father and that he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, not by the rape of another human. Do you see the difference there? We say that Jesus was fully human, because Mary is his mother, and fully divine, because God is his father.

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