Basic jobs for me where I could pray the rosary while working?

I am 22 and I have a severe mental illness. I need to get a job. I read that Fr don calloway has a grounds keeping job when he was my age that let him pray the rosary. I’d like a job like that. But with my back I’m not sure I can be a groundskeeper. Any ideas?

I gave 500+ rides as an Uber driver but couldn’t handle the social aspect without bad anxiety. Anything that is low on the interaction is better


What do you think about being a bus driver? I know someone who drove a bus for a university, so the bus was small and he didn’t have to get a special license. Less social interaction than school buses, but not as strenuous as groundskeeping.

Thanks but I probably couldn’t focus on the rosary with all those people whose lives I’m responsible for.

We are required to pay attention to the duties of our state in life, and not required to get jobs during which we can pray.


If you want to pray while working, become a monk. And even then, monks separate their prayer time and their work time, all done for love of God.

Be realistic and work on your illness, ensure the job accommodates you and that you spend your time doing your job to the best of your ability, not praying the Rosary.

there is a time for everything.

Oh, and if I saw a bus driver praying on the job, I’d probably file a report for unsafe operation of a public vehicle. Distracted driving is distracted driving.


Security guard. Tell them you want something low key like a guard house or a building where you can sit without a lot of people around. More of what you to be called a watchman than a security parapoliceofficer.


Busboy/dishwasher at a restaurant?
It doesn’t have the social aspects of waitstaff, and while there’s friendliness between the kitchen staff and the dishwasher-type staff as both being behind-the-scenes, the noise often makes conversation difficult, so it’s easier to be inside your head in your area while they’re in theirs.
Otherwise, you might try something like night staff at a nursing home, or something janitorial at a school.

I’m not sure that this is really the place to ask this. This seems like something to talk to your psychiatrist and priest about. We don’t know about your psychological or physical limitations and, even if we did, few of us would be competent to act on that knowledge anyway.


If you had success with UBER, then I suggest commercial truck driver. Not only do they not have that interaction with the public, but they drive on long stretches of highway making praying the rosary a safe activity and they pay well. Also, there is such a shortage of them, many trucking companies will not only train you but it will be paid training.


Again, keep in mind he wants to pray the Rosary while working, when one should working when working, not praying the Rosary.

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I must disagree a little. The natural repetition in the Rosary can have a soporiphic effect…quite safe tucked up in bed at night, maybe not such a good idea when driving something the size of a house.
It’s a great ‘solitary’ job but maybe not the best for the Rosary.
I’m sure the OP would not want to risk advancing the date other road users meet their maker!

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I drive a truck for a living. You are on the road a lot, lots of alone time. After getting the hang of it, you can surely pray the rosary on some long, empty highways. Beats texting and driving.


Not everyone’s rosary is soporiphic, especially when still in an upright position. Any activity that keeps the mind active is good for long road trips, especially when there’s long stretches of driving straight with no turns and no lane changes. Besides, I think Relevant Radio even has a rosary they play on the air perfect to use while driving. I know they have one for the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

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That’s not a bad idea.

I looked up truck driver jobs. There are class A class B etc. Then fedex and delivery jobs. You mean a big rig right?

Yuppers. That is Class A CDL.


Custodian in a museum, librarian or employee in a store with very few customers.

Like I said, in my part of the woods, companies are willing to pay and train for you to get the Class A CDL because they need people.

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Yup, same down here too.

St. Paul worked like a dog and yet said Christians ought to pray always. Tents aren’t made by sleepwalkers, then or now. I would think that the Rosary might put someone more in the moment and make them more present to what they are doing than other mental habits might.
It does depend on the person. Some people find the Rosary is difficult to say when there is a chance they could go to sleep, and they almost have to be kneeling in order to do it.

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Do you find ways to make up for the lack of social interaction?

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