Basketball and vasectomies

…apparently they go together now… how sad that this advertising ploy is actually working :frowning:

You are right, it is sad indeed. :frowning: Why oh why do people think that their bodies are meant to be messed with when it is working perfectly fine? Oh, nevermind, it’s pure selfishness and wanting sex w/ out consequences. They all want to ‘play God’ when it comes to their fertility :rolleyes:

Looks like I will be boycotting March Madness :mad:

I don’t even know how to respond to this. (Sighs and shakes her head at the sad downward spiral of humanity…)

why would you boycott march madness?

I was going to say this takes March madness to a whole new level!

So, so sad. :frowning: It’s almost like they think it’s a joke. :nope:

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