Basketball game/church

I don’t exactly know what the title should be or what category this should be in. Anyways, I can’t go to church this sunday, so I was gonna go to church on friday night. But church starts at the same time the NBA celebrity all-star game starts. Which sounds ridiculous, because I should definitely go to church instead of watching the game. But the reason I’m asking is, our church has an online service, that I could watch on the tv after the game, and I was wondering if that would be bad to do, since I’m skipping church for a basketball game, but I’m still going to watch the service in my living room.

PS, Bo Rinehart from the christian band NEEDTOBREATHE is going to be playing in the NBA Celeb All-Star game, Friday at 7 Eastern on ESPN, which is the only reason I care to watch the game.

TL;DR would it be bad to watch church online after a basketball game instead of going to church physically.

Never bad to watch a Mass online. It doesn’t fulfill your Sunday obligation. Sounds like two separate issues.


I suggest you ask your pastor for a dispensation to miss Mass. He’s in the best position to guide you.

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Check on watch espn to see if you can watch the game after going to church. Most NBA events are available there after they air life. That way you won’t miss Mass.

It’s just this Sunday we’ll be missing, we’ll be out of town

Why don’t you just go to mass on Saturday night for Sunday?
And what time is this basketball thing on tv? Sunday morning? I don’t understand the problem actually.


They often have parishes “out of town”. If not, ask for a dispensation.


Why can’t you DVR the game and go to Church?

There are two of our locals playing in that game. But I wouldn’t miss Mass to see them.


I would wager that he would not want people to skip church to watch the game.


Going to a religious event on Saturday and will be driving back to our hometown on sunday. So that’s why I can’t go to mass on sunday.

If I had to completely miss church for the basketball game I definitely wouldn’t. But since I could watch mass online, I’m not sure if it’s right to do that

Who/what do you love more? God or that basketball game? Watching a basketball game on TV is not a valid reason to miss Mass. And watching Mass on TV isn’t the same as being there in person since you are able to attend Mass that night.

Are you in the hospital? Is the weather so bad or dangerous that you’re unable to make it to Mass? Are you caring for a sick child or elderly parent? Do you not have transportation to and from Mass?

All of those are valid reasons for missing Mass.

Wanting to watch a basketball game on TV just because a Christian artist you like is playing in it and you’re going to be away for the weekend is NOT a valid reason to miss Mass. You can go to Mass on Friday night and DVR the basketball game.


Mass on Friday does not fulfill your Sunday obligation, OP. Neither does watching mass on tv.
So there you go.


I don’t think he’s missing mass for a game. He’s missing mass because he’s traveling. Two separate issues.

As people have said, Friday mass doesn’t fulfill your obligation anyway, so it’s just kind of a moot point.

What is this “religious event” you’re attending on Saturday if not Mass?

I think you’d be better off taping the game and watching later.

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Why not just tape the basketball game?

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It’s a moot point. Tape it or watch it. Friday mass does not count for Sunday obligation, so it doesnt matter what he does. Unfortunately, the OP has included some facts that have nothing to do with his situation.


I’d assumed the OP meant Saturday.

The weather is expected to be bad tonight so mass is likely to be cancelled anyway. Slick roads and snow. Thanks for the kind answers and the not-so-kind answers.

These have nothing to do with each other.

First, if you are a minor, you are under the direction of your parents as far as your weekend plans and should obey them. If you are an adult, you can try to find a mass that works with the schedule but if it is unavoidable you can either get a dispensation or you may not need one-- travel can be a reason that we are excused from mas. Talk to your pastor. Give him a call.

Second, watching Mass on TV or going to Mass on Friday are both worthy things to do, but they aren’t required and there is nothing wrong with watching the basketball game and then watching the recorded mass.

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Then why didn’t he say that? The only day he actually mentions traveling in his posts is Sunday. It is only assumed that he is traveling out of town for the religious event he says he’s attending on Saturday (in which case, he’d be better off going to bed early and DVRing both if he truly can’t make it to Mass Friday night).

His opening post makes it sound like he is trying to justify missing Friday night Mass in favor of watching the basketball game which happens to be on at the same time and is just taping a televised Mass for later viewing.

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