bathing suits and modesty

It’s almost summer time so maybe it’s time for another bathing suit thread :wink:

I was wondering what you all think. For some reason, I don’t feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in general. I’m not talking about bikini’s and such… but even when I wear the typical one piece bathing suit, I feel too exposed. (btw, I’m in my early 20s). I became Catholic only last year, and I used to wear bikini’s to the beach in the past, but I never felt comfortable in them. Now, even less so. But it seems no matter what I try on, I just can’t bring myself to wear it, lol. My family thinks I’m wrong for feeling this way and should just get over it. But I really want to be modest and I noticed sometimes on the beach there are guys who start looking and I don’t want this.

any thoughts?

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You can check the one on the teen girls wearing bikinis to the beach to get my opinion on that one…haha. bottom line: I think bikinis show too much. I’m not an expert, but I’m 18 and a dude, so I think that qualifies me to a degree.

If you don’t feel comfortable in bathing suits in general then you don’t need to wear them! There are cute modest swim suits you can wear too, but If you don’t like being “checked out” no one can or should force you to be uncomfortable. With that said you can (and should) only do so much. ya don’t need to wear a head tent :thumbsup:

I haven’t worn a bikini since I was twelve. I’m not in the right shape for it but I do wear tankinis which are fairly modest and cover up problem areas. :shrug:

The one I wear is a tank top-style top and a skirty bottom half. they are very popular and fine to swim in. I got mine at Eddie Bauer.

Go to and look at:

“Eddie Bauer Classic Skirt by Malibu Dream Girl”

Bottom line: Wear what you are comfortable with… bikini’s are fine and can be modest, as are one pieces, etc. No matter what you wear, you’ll attract the attention from some guys. That isn’t your fault.

I grew up near the beach so this may influence my perspective. From before I can remember to my 20s I was spending my entire summers at the beach. I would be there 5 days a week roughly. I’ve been used to seeing women in all sorts of bathing suits and bikini’s so to me they are no big deal at all. I think there is too much stress over what should and shouldn’t be worn at a beach. It isn’t like you are wearing a thong out there or going topless. When you wear a typical bikini/one piece, etc you’ll fit right in with the rest of the hundreds of women on the beach. Just wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Love that site! :thumbsup:

I love wearing tankini’s with skirt-suit bottoms. Very cute, flattering, and much more modest than most suits.

I ALWAYS feel uncomfortable in a swimming suit, even modest ones. I do think that a lot of the tankinis are more modest then some one piece. What my mother and sister in law do is what I’m thinking of doing this summer (as I’ll be 7-9 months pregnant during swim season), they wear a pair of men’s trunks (you can also find really cute, girly ‘board’ shorts if that’s more your style…I’m much more girly than they are ;)) and then a t-shirt. What I’ve done with my tankinis in the past is similar, the bottom is a skirt and then I wear the top and wear a t-shirt over it. Oh! I think that they both wear a one piec suit under the trunks and the t-shirt. To keep modesty.

You should be comfortable, that’s what I’m going for this summer! :thumbsup:

What are you wearing a bathing suit for? If it is to swim in, wear a sturdy one-piece suit that stays on well while you are in the water, and have a robe type cover-up for when you get out. This is what I usually do, not just because of modesty but because I sunburn easily. If you are just walking on the beach, or sunbathing, wear something more appropriate to that activity.

try these:

I know where you’re coming from. I do not wear swimsuits, and yes I live not far from the beach. Ever since I was a kid I felt as though I was showing way too much skin in any swimsuit. My family also thinks I’m crazy. You can get the board shorts, but I don’t like most of the ones for females. They tend to be too tightly cut for my modesty standards. There are also rash guard shirts and the like. Honestly, I don’t swim much at all. However, if I were to swim more often I would probably want one of the suits that women here like to make fun of, so I won’t link to them. Just, stick with your standards and don’t let others tell you that you are wrong when all you want to do is cover skin.

For the beach I like shorts and a long sleeve rash guard shirt. It protects you from the sun and marine life and is light and breathable.

Wow!!! I have to say Bravo. That someone (All of you) discuss this. Respecting your body enough. To be respectful and not want to be “Eye candy” (I so hat that term) God bless you, for being respectful and want to be conservative. Lord knows there are enough people at beaches that choose the opposite.

I’ve never felt comfortable in the standard swimsuit, whether it be a bikini or a one piece. It just made me always feel as though I were out running around in my underwear. I did, however, find a really cute tankini one year at Target that had a halter style top and a skirted bottom. Also, Walmart had some nice swim dresses… but they never seem to have enough in stock.

I’d prefer swim shorts if I could find them. I saw a pair at Goodwill but can’t locate a new pair anywhere that would also have a matching top to it.

Like someone else said, I think I’m just going to look for a pair of men’s swim trunks that I like and try to match a halter top to it.

Another problem I find is that the price on these things are usually ridiculously expensive.

Thanks for the replies everyone! :slight_smile: I’m glad there are others who feel the same way. I think a good option might be to get a ‘tankini’ and wear shorts or a skirt overtop; and a t-shirt when not in the water. I don’t think I feel comfortable with just wearing a swimsuit cause it’s revealing.

I don’t know…:shrug: I’ll continue thinking about this. :slight_smile:

God bless

These are an investment, but I have worn them for a few summers now:

Short sleeve, v-neck partial zip, sun/swim shirt. This is my favorite “swim shirt” - not tight and clingy… from Coolibar. They also carry slightly longer swim skirts.

I pair the swim shirt with these shorts from LL Bean

This is a great combination for me for sun protection, modesty and also very practical while taking my young children swimming as they pull and cling to me in the water. And the shirt is great for a nursing mom - I picked up an inexpensive nylon nursing bra to wear under the shirt while at the beach/pool and it works great for support and nursing access.

Hi, thanks for discussing and sharing pics on this topic of swimwear. I also like wear the trendy and cool swim wears while swimming and bathing.
Women’s swimwear

As long as you are dressing with modesty in mind and have no desire to tempt men to sin against purity, it seems to me whatever you wear is okay. :confused:

The thread is 4 years old.

I am sure that by now, the OP has found a bathing suit that works for her. :thumbsup:

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