Battle begins to defund Planned Parenthood








Democrats will fight this like tigers. Without abortion on demand, the only real cause they would have left would be homosexual rights.



What about the battle to preserve maternity leave for pro-life parents who will lose their ACA policies?

It’s not “pro-life” to kick those unborn babies’ mommies to the curb.


Why do you insist on pretending you are the only one interested in that issue? Trying to derail a thread?


I would take a different tack than what I’m reading.

I’d stop giving PP block grants they are supposed to use for free condoms, STD testing, and to teach sex education in the schools. There are other qualified providers that can execute these activities. These grants allow PP to market their brand and their abortion services on the govt $. They cover overhead for the offices.

However, if they meet the medical requirements, they should be able to deliver covered medicaid services, just like any other medical clinic. The profitability on medicaid service fees is quite low, not attractive to PP.


The courts could block Planned Parenthood from being defunded:

Another reason why it’s so important Gorsuch get confirmed because he actually sided with Planned Parenthood getting defunded in Utah.


I’m not at all convinced that Kennedy would come through in the case that this goes to the Supreme Court.


Well there’s one republican that will say no to the bill. I firmly believe that Collins will as well, which would force a Pence tiebreaker in the case that no Democrats cross over (I think Manchin will though).


Congress needs to be very careful in how they go about trying to defund Planned Parenthood. This article from 2015 by David French on National Review goes into how Panned Parenthood could be defunded, basically that Medicaid needs to amended for it to ‘survive legal scrutiny’:

I’m not 100% sure but I think I heard on Fox News that there is some speculation that Kennedy may be the one to step down next and that Ted Cruz said at CPAC that another Justice may step down by the Summer. So perhaps Kennedy may not be on the Supreme Court for long.



This might be tied up in a lot of state courts before it even gets to the Supreme Court.


We’ll get by without one of the nation’s largest abortion providers.

So let’s not get into false choice territory.


There’s no question the left is going to rely on the courts to bypass the executive and the legislative branches—ie the will of the people.


Amen to that.


Didn’t know Republicans no longer were following the Constitution when it came to 3 co-equal branches of government.


Does PP have a constitutional right to tax money?


You mean the “so-called” courts, don’t you? :slight_smile:

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