Battle to De-Fund Abortion, Obamacare Starts Next Week

Battle to De-Fund Abortion, Obamacare Starts Next Week

Washington, DC – The battle to stop all federal taxpayer funding of abortions, and to ensure the Obamacare health care reform law does not allow abortion funding, starts in hearings in the House next week.

ACTION: Please contact your House members and urge strong support for these two pro-life bills.

I wish they’d de-fund abortion here in Canada as well. At the very least classify it as elective surgery. Because pregnancy can be avoided and its non-life threatening. There’s no reason public money here should be used for that.

I hope it goes well in the US so we can use it as presedence.

Defund abortion. YES! :thumbsup:

Return to the era of:
Denial of care when one gets sick? NO!
Pre-existing conditions? NO!
Kicking kids off? NO!

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