Battlecry movement


Hello All,

Just wondering what you all think about this movement. Personally they have a couple views that I am not 100% on. Like the strong Evangelical focus and pro Jerry Fallwell ideals, but they seem to be doing quite a lot of good.

Just wondering what you guys might think, or have witnessed with these events?

Have any of you heard of similar events that are either more friendly to Catholics or open to all religions.

Thanks :coffee:



Our church has gone. We are going to the one in Baltimore in May and I think Im going to chaperone.:eek: It is for teens . It is a way to spread the gospel message to teens with good clean fun.

I dont know much more then that because I have not gone to one.

I dont think it should matter if you are catholic or not. Anyone can go I believe it is open to All.:smiley:

I suppose if you want a catholic point of view the CC should get together and start something similar/or the same.:thumbsup:

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