Battlestar Galacctica in 8 and a half minutes

Do any of you scifi fans remember this show called Battlestar Galactica? It wrapped up its season like twen billion years ago…okay it was just a year. But, with the final season coming fast, on April 4th, I’m getting a little excited.

So, here is a pretty funny recap about what has happened in the series, in 8 and a half minutes

Sadly, their is no mention of Racetrack…shes my hero. Okay, all she really does is chill out and co pilot a ship with Sharon,a nd sometimes she gets to yell at people training to be pilots…good times lol

Oy! I remember the first Battlestar series when it played on broadcast television back in the late 70s. Could not get into the new series. Now Babylon 5 was a fine series.

Hey, I loved Babylon 5. I was a fan of that show before I was old enough to understand it.

They should not have messed with the original Cylons. They were counterparts of C3PO et al since Star Wars came out in 77. With the exception of the Klingons, they didn’t mess with any of the Star Trek characters in any of the subsequent series. John Dykstra did the special effects for both Star Wars and Battlestar.

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