BattleStar Tonight-WOW

I didnt see a topic on this but I know there has got to be a legion of Catholic SciFi BattleStar fans out there. TI thought the Theolgy and ethical situations on here were interesting too to discuss

What a episode. Not sure if he has played on the West Coast yet or they play it all at once so I am hesitant to say too much till another hour passes if its not aired out there yet:)

Here are my thoughts. The show should have just finished on the West Coast

I think it was clear last week who the Cylons were going to be. Also I think we can put away any idea of this being a Cylon trick. THe acting was great there and sense of Moral Certainty they knew they were Cylons was there

I have been assuming since the New Caprica time that there was an Cylon Resistance movement. That is at some point some models had big problems with how some Cylons were planiing to engage the human race. Also from things we can see aboard the Cylon ships it appears the other models are in the dark about the others models. THey know they exist but they don’t talk about it. I highly suspect Cavil might be one of the few that might know something and thus why he boxed the three units afters she saw their faces.

Main Cylon I have a problem with is TIGH. Not because of his character. But too me he is too old to know the time frmae as we know it. Could he been a first model and maybe the first to “evolve” as they put it?

THings to consider. Is it possible that this is the Cylon fleet that has been trailing them or other Cylons?(resistance- for instance -are we going to see copies of Tigh, Thrace, Chief running around? Are we jumping the gun to think that these are the “Five” we keep seeing at the temple and the opera house? Again I need to think about this

Starbuck- Well she arrived quicker than expected. I am not sold at all she is a Cylon. I like that she is there but Jeez I hope they have a good story line for that.

There is Earth-I have been contemplatrng the timelines here. Of course I found this the most problematic of this whole series because for such an advanced(well sort of) they seem to have lost a lot of their history in a short time. Anywho we see Earth. We See the US, Mexico, and Central America pretty clearly. So lets take in account Continential drift in which I think would be contemplated in such a show. It seems it looks like todays Earth? When they show up will it 2008? Or will it be like the bronze age and they develop the Cultures of Ancient Greece. Again it only appears 2000 years has gone by since the lost Colony went to Earth. I always thought this was weird because again for a civilization that can zoom around space they see seemed to have lost a lot of knowledge and there is no indication they suffered some major downfall of Civilzation in the Colonies. Again the state of Earth will be interesting.

Theology- Of course this and the ethical quandries they face I find the most interesting. That should develop alot more and especially this whole “This is hapoen before and will happen many times again” theme they keep hitting on

Finally, the biggest disappointment this season has been the lack of seeing other Cylons. Especially since they were getting interesting in a hurry. The political dynamics on that ship must be getting interesting since they have to rule by COnsensus. Now it is a almost Male Cylon group 3-2 I think. Hopefully they were saving money this year for some great battle scenses since we saw Nada this year:mad:

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