Battling the Culture Alone (LGBT)

I am in an environment where the LGBT culture is prevalent. Unfortunately, as many of us are well aware, there are certain factions within the culture that are centered around the vilification of all things religious. I was in a meeting today where it just got out of hand and I realize that I need to think about how to handle such situations. What I saw in that room is deeply rooted. One’s identity and preferences take precedent over everything else about the person. Everyone talks and attacks. No one listens.

Since I don’t struggle with SSA myself I am at a loss with regards to how to respond to or deal with the concerns of those who do. Do any fellow Catholics live and work in such environments? If so, how have you survived? Do you try to engage in conversations? How do you work with power dynamics (e.g.- a boss is very pro-LGBT/marriage equality)? You are more than welcome to PM, if that is more suitable.

It’s difficult to be sure. The thing I do is just show that, in spite of my faith, I do not hold hate for people with differing views. I have encountered many people who have become angry with me for being Catholic, and actually expressing it. After really discussing my faith, and not blowing up at them, I have been fortunate to have most of them see that Christianity is not as bad as they thought it was. If you are preaching a message of peace and love, but are showing hate and hostility, then your words won’t mean anything. Practice your faith with a kind heart. It will be tough, for sure, but Christ never said it was going to be easy.

This is excellent advice, Jesus himself walked among and socialized with sinners, and also corrected them when he needed to. It is so difficult being christian in today’s world, we need God’s help to remain humble and strong.

I’m not sure how wise it is to engage in any kind of conversation that would possibly turn your boss against you. It’s not fait but it’s reality. Maybe one day you will be protected by law and will be able to express your views without being harassed by the anti-religion crowd.

Many people did things you might not consider wise. Today, we refer to them as saints. :wink:

Ive experienced this at work too. Perhaps if you can let them know youre Catholic in a more personal one on one setting. Like if youre with one if them, casually mention going to mass or something. Maybe the next time theres a meeting theyll be a little more reserved about it.

And remember, Blessed are you when they persecute you…

Of course. The OP could go on a crusade and fight for morality and make her society a better place. But reality is, people get in trouble these days for not supporting sexual immorality. I’m looking at this from a perspective of someone who has a family and where not having a job is luxury that we can’t afford.

I’ve been deal with this EVERY SINGLE DAY, only it’s at home in my family life and not work. Just today, I had my mom go off at me because she saw something on the news about how Catholic Charities is pulling out of adoptions as they can already see where things are going such that they’d be forced to adopt out to gay couples. As much as she claims that she’s tolerant towards religions [despite her non-belief], she’s so pro-gay, pro-abortion plus believes the Catholic Church is a greedy money hoarder [no other religion is] that it invariably comes off as recruiting.

I actually prefer being at work as I don’t have the same issue there.

First of all, LGBT is not a “culture” at all. Not at all.

Atheism stems from the culture of the ancient pagan religions of the British Isles. Without a common faith in Jesus, I dont see any compromise in the near future, nor should any be expected or attempted.

I believe we must remember that many LGBT persons have a lifetime of subjugation, ridicule, discrimination, even from Churches. I guess we just apologize for those whoo have hurt them and do what all christians are called to do: Love people as they and not how we think they should be.

Leave the transformative thing to God and just love, walk tenderly and learn to love them as our Heavenly Father loves them. No one ever argued or debated a person into the kingdom of God - most feel our love. Let God be God and put the job of transforming others into His hands.

That is really good!!!
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Pray for us

This is not to argue, but I just simply wanted to say that I was Atheist just because I never knew about religion until I was in my teens. God was a concept unknown to me until my friends found out that I had no idea what they were talking about. I never had a belief, I just simply didn’t know anything about it. There are many Atheists out there that would give me a bad name. While I agree with some of these Atheists, even Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who might I add is not a self-proclaimed Atheist, expressed his concern to Richard Dawkins, a Militant Atheist, that his articulately barbed methods of talking with theists spreads the wrong message altogether about people like me.

I’m not here to drop feces in the fan, so to speak. And I’m well past compromise; always have been. I’m a friend to anyone here, and always have been to those that have faith in Jesus while I don’t. We get along great :slight_smile:

Additionally, my boss, who is Catholic, knows very well that I am Atheist and I still have my job. We also get along just fine. It is very possible to have major theistic differences with your boss and still be able to hang onto your income source because it’s not a question of religion and faith as much as it is a question of the person you’re dealing with.

People can be mean sometimes but I don’t attribute that to what they believe in. It’s a question of upbringing, personality, education, and temperament.

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