Bayonetta and Persona 5

I understand fiction from a narrative perspective and don’t mind inclusion of religious elements within media in general only that it be not a blatant agenda or anti-Catholic.

However, when it comes to these two games, I need more guidance in regards to how these actually play out, story wise and gameplay wise.

I have skimmed some synopsizes from the stories respectively, but the main question I have is, are these games Satanic or evil in some way? A relative of mine tells me these games are such with only providing short answers such as: They promote Satan or just killing God. Of course I would like to know more, but can’t really judge from just reading some generalized plot essay.

Of course skims that I have done don’t seem to make this the case, but I want to know from people who have played this or these games and what their impression or experience is with them.


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