BB gunmen can cash in

Unbelievable—You better hide you nerf guns they may go after them next? Yeah like this is really gon to stop crime.
BB gunmen can cash in

Last Updated: 4:27 PM, January 15, 2010
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What’s next, water pistols?

The Bronx is expanding its successful gun buyback program to include – for the first time in the city – BB and air guns, officials announced yesterday.

Although not normally lethal, BB and air guns sometimes are used by criminals to scare victims into thinking the weapons are conventional, deadly handguns.

People who surrender such weapons Jan. 23 at several churches in The Bronx will be given a $50 gift or cash card for each BB gun turned in, up to a $150 cap.

The churches will also accept regular guns.

BB guns retail for between $40 and $60.

Sponsors, including Best Buy, Target and the Westchester Merchants’ Association, have donated 350 of the cards, for a total value of $17,000.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., speaking at a press conference, called the addition of the BB guns to the buyback program “a way for us to call upon the business community” to get weapons off the streets.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said the program is a “no-questions-asked buyback” – no one will be criminally charged when surrendering a gun that day.

It’s “a tangible way to help save lives and reduce the number for gun-related injuries in our community by promoting a message of peace and nonviolence during the week in which we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday,” Johnson said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “The partnership between clergy, police and prosecutors is truly an inspired way to get guns off the street, and make The Bronx even safer.”

Having churches be the dropoff points for the weapons could boost participation in the program, Kelly said.

“Obviously, there’s a comfort level that people will have in bringing weapons there,” he said.

People who bring in regular guns to the churches will get a $200 cash card for each weapon – up to a $600 maximum.

The funds for that part of the program are being provided by the NYPD and The Bronx DA’s office.

I just think of the number of armed robberies committed with (and the number of people shot while they were brandishing) weapons which resembled pistols. BB guns have been illegal in NYC since the fifties or sixties, by the way.

Looks like it hasn’t worked too well.

Perhaps like alcohol restrictions in Kansas.

I tell you what really cracks me up is the dry counties in Texas. All people have to do is just go the next county buy the booze and come back.:confused:

Like where I live in Killeen, TX dry town you can’t buy hard liquor but can buy beer; mixed drinks only in a private club which anyone can join.:rolleyes:

So people either go to Fort Hood or the city next door same county and buy hard liquor.:rolleyes:

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