BBC: A History of Christianity

Has anyone seen the BBC program: A History of Christianity?

Now you mention it I think I saw one of the episodes a while ago but I cant quite remember it very well. Sorry I cant be of any more help. If you havent seen it and wish to watch it I’m sure you can stream it on bbc iPlayer.

Sadly, this option only seems available if a person lives on the east side of the Atlantic.

It may work on Youtube - hang on there. Here ware, it’s broken up into bits but you can still watch it this way although you may have to browse a bit to get some of the parts:-

I’ve seen the first episode so far. Apparently the historian is biased against Western Christianity. By Western, he means Imperial Christianity - both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. According to his opinion, Eastern Christianity, i.e., those that broke away after the Council of Chalcedon (which in fact are refered to Oriental Catholics and Orthodox, but he seems to miss this altogether) are in fact “pure”, that they remain true to the Gospel. And why does this “Eastern” Christianity trump all others? Because, according to the historian, it was a “merchant” religion rather than an “imperial” one, as in the West, and so it was able to make compromises in its Evangelization. Gee, compromises? I wonder which part of the Gospel they compromised to make it more appealing to pagans? He must be mistaking them for the CoE, for example. :rolleyes:

I think the only really interesting part of this first episode was the fact that they explored Christianity in China. I had no idea that there were Syriac missionaries in China up until the 9th century.

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