BBC gives the Holy Church advice
I always enjoy the way these presumptive journalists decide to offer advice to the Holy Church
Quite amazing the hubris really

I thought it was a very level headed look at the Church from a secular view point. It is good to know how those who have long ago abandoned the Church see us. Her final piece of advice to us was also very pertinent. Let us pray.

A very interesting read, thanx to the OP.

Although, theoretical Christianity and theoretical Communism have a lot in common. All being equal and sharing our goods in common,

There doesn’t seem to be an id of the author, but I don’t think he realizes what at least African cardinals are going to he like!

Overall, the article strikes me as a box of same-old, same-old beautifully wrapped in marvelous paper and ribbons galore.

First, Christianity in no way advocates sharing goods in common, supporting the right of the worker to the fruits of his labor.

Second, the fact that two things look the same in one superficial way in no way means any more than that they have one superficial resemblance. The Church condemns Communism and always has since its inception; Communism is an avowed enemy of all religion and most esp the Catholic Church.

An interesting read; thank you.

God bless!

Let us all pray for this person and for those who misconceive our Holy Father and the concepts of mercy and inclusion in such a way.

I think a big thing with articles like this is that, from the outside, it is hard to imagine a society which sees itself as the guardian of truths already established rather than one in which people believe in accordance to the way they feel and can change this democratically.

Excellent point very well put!

The article is nothing more than the “same old same old” tired rants and cliches.

It reads no differently than any other “journalistic” rant that ends with the conclusion:

“because the Church is not what I want the Church to be, then I’ll stay away.”

The paragraphs might be in a different order; the anecdotal examples might be slightly different; but the substance is the same.

Innuendo and half-truths rule the day in the modern concept of “journalism.”

If anyone thinks that’s not the case, a few examples:

Look at the statement about Pope Benedict with regard to Card. Martini. “[the Pope] did not attend his funeral.” What a scathing indictment! Of course, let’s not ask “why did the Pope not attend?”

The funeral was 3 September 2012 in Milan

Popes don’t generally attend funerals. They have busy schedules and funerals are not exactly planned ahead of time.

The author makes it appear as if Pope Benedict had nothing else to do that day but decided to slight the deceased Cardinal. Far from it. In reality, the Holy Father took the unusual step of sending a personal representative. “The Pope sent the archpriest of St Peter’s Basilica, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, as his special representative.”

**My question to the author: just how often does a pope attend the funeral of a Cardinal outside of Rome? How often? **

The article is nothing more than one distortion after another.


Rather than unflinchingly condemning and dismissing secular points of view, I think we’d do well to get out of our comfortable ivory towers and dialogue with these people. We might learn something from each other.

She is decisively wrong in much of what she says (her comparisons to the CofE as a model are laughable in light of the virtual collapse of that Church) but a ruby can still be found in the mud.

Amen, God Bless, Memaw

And the ruby is…?

I thought the author of the article was female, but I might be wrong.
The author left the Church as a teenager-probably without a good understanding of Catholicism. I, for one, will never get used to female priests or bishops or even pastors in protestant churches and I definitely don’t want to see female priests in the Catholic church!

As you say, here is another journalist who wants the Church to change, to be progressive, to fall in line with modern culture and everything is okay-homosexuality, abortion, female priests, etc.

I pray the Church will hold to its teachings and doctrines.

The Church has survived thousands of years holding to the same values, we won’t stop now.

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