BBC Reported WTC-7 Collapse 23 min. Early


BBC Reported WTC-7 Collapsed Before It Fell
POSTED: 02-26-2007
SOURCE: Google Video

This is an amazing video. The video shows the BBC reporting that WTC-7 otherwise known as the Salomon Brothers Building had collapsed several minutes before the building even fell. The video shows a female BBC reporter saying that WTC-7 had collapsed even though in the background where she is reporting from you can still see WTC-7 standing. The video claims that the initial report of the WTC-7 collapse came at 4:57 PM which is 23 minutes prior to when the building really came down.

This is an amazing video, it could be the most important thing you ever watch.


Sorry, but google took down the video. But you can see it here.


Weird. I don’t know what it proves, but it is interesting.



The BBC had advanced knowledge that WTC-7 was going to collapse! :bigyikes:

I knew media outlets had grown powerful, but to actually set-up a terrorist attack and blame a known terrorist group? Shocking! :rolleyes:


Well, if it had been agreed that the building would be ‘pulled’, as Larry Silverstein said later on, then I guess it would have been known in advance that it was going to come down. I guess that’s the point, but I’m still not too sure why the BBC would have been told in that case, or what it would mean.



Thus my sarcasm. In order for the conspiracy to be true, how many people would have known? How many would have to be kept silent about their role?

I was just in Chandler for account calls and there was a conference at my hotel - 9/11 Accountability…shirts said: “9/11 an inside job.” Come on folks. A conspiracy of that size would be impossible to contain. Rather than just piecing together “evidence,” you would be able to find at least one person, like that reporter, who could testify that she was told that the building would come down at a certain time.

BTW…listening to conversation by the various speakers about their books… “here’s my new book”…“oh, I should give you my new book about the [fill-in-the-blank] conspiracy.”…was hilarious. :rotfl:

Well, someone has to make money off of the gullible.


To be fair, you don’t actually need that many people if you’re running under the cover of a simulation. And there were various simulations of terrorist attacks going on on 9/11.

There have also been very big projects that have been kept under wraps for years even though lots of people were involved. Nuclear programs, for example, or programs to test biological agents on unsuspecting members of the public/military.

That being said, I don’t think much at all of some of the more exotic conspiracy theories, and I don’t think there is an awful lot that cannot be explained away by incompetence (though that would be a scandal in itself that should have been profusely apologised for, and hasn’t been). I do however think there are still quite a number of questions that have not been satisfactorily answered, a key one of them being exactly why WTC7 collapsed.



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