BBC staff plan blackout on Pope's visit over pension cuts

BBC staff plan blackout on Pope’s visit over pension cuts
BBC staff plan to black out live coverage of the Pope’s visit to Britain in a row over pension cuts.

The threat could spoil the first visit to Britain by a Pontiff since 1982 for millions of Catholics.

Just to be clear, if such an action does happen, it will not be the decision of the BBC management.

A bit more informative article indicates that the threat of a boycott of the Pope is not the BBC’s decision, but would be an uprising among some of its employees. And the interruption of service is not confined to the papal visit, but would include other popular coverage.

Thousands of workers want to boycott the Papal visit in September over plans to cut their pensions.

Also threatened with blackouts are live broadcasts of the Last Night Of The Proms on September 11, Radio 5 Live’s coverage of the Ryder Cup golf tournament beginning on October 1 and all three party political conferences, which begin in September.

The proposed action during Pope Benedict XVl’s tour will be a huge embarrassment to the corporation. It is his first state visit to Britain and the country’s 7.5 million Catholics will be infuriated if the historic occasion is caught up in the BBC’s latest controversy.

Still, we are talking about rumors and gossip, rather than confirmed facts.

Thanks. Your source looks better. I didn’t catch that it was a tabloid. The Mirror’s news page looked ordinary.

BBC “staff” and “workers” seem to be interchangeable in the article. It’s the staff/workers that are threatening the strike which would black out coverage.

That whole country needs to be exorcised.


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