BBC, why do they keep doing it?

Another offensive program being run over Christmas about the Nativity.

A few years ago they had their version of Christmas where Mary was raped by a roman soldier.

Now they have Mary and Jospeh having sex.

Why do they keep doing this?

Below, some words from the director/producer on it.

So I went back to basics and told the tale as a romance between young lovers.
In my version they hate each other for the whole journey.
I also heightened the tension by having Joseph reject Mary for most of the series.


It’s the atheists and their lack of knowledge of history, again. Biblical scholars disagree; this program is not historically accurate. They should read The Case for Christ. The Bible was written by very honorable men, and books by less honorable/trustworthy men were not included. They would not lie or have a reason to lie, especially when so many people were trying to disprove Christianity from the beginning. Atheists just have trouble believing what they cannot see for themselves, even if other people saw and reported that something did happen.

The fake Bible scholars (from where BBC got their information) have unreasonable criteria that is designed to conclude what they set out to conclude, rather than to find the truth like the other 99% of Christian or non-Christian Bible scholars. But they give themselves a name to make it sound like they are being truthful or that everyone agrees with them.

The BBC. should stick to making animal duco’s its the only thing they are good at.

Are you referring to Tony Jordan’s four-part broadcast of “The Nativity”? If it is, then I reckon we’ll just have to wait as it does not air until tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to it.

A new version of a familiar story is coming to BBC One next week, with ‘The Nativity’ - BBC One’s Christmas drama.

The account of Jesus’ birth is given in four thirty-minute programmes beginning on Monday 20 December at 7pm on BBC One.

The programme, airing on four consecutive nights, has been recommended by The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster. He said: “The programmes are a dramatised re-telling of the accounts of Jesus’ birth, with some clear dramatic license yet retaining an overall fidelity not only to the Gospel accounts but also to traditional imagery. The programmes have been made with sensitivity and have moments of great beauty and emotional intensity. The final episode is particularly moving.”

A familiar story with a contemporary twist

The drama hopes to take a new look at a familiar story, highlighting how ordinary people reacted to the events that led up to Jesus’ birth. The BBC said: “With Mary andJoseph’s enduring love story at the centre this familiar story is given a contemporary twist, as the drama follows Joseph and Mary from their initial courtship – Joseph desperate to win the heart of Mary – to his emotional turmoil at her unexpected pregnancy.”

History shows us the more facist a society becomes, the more cynical, angry and vulgar it becomes. I have a bunch of British shows in my DVD collection, but it stops at the turn of the century because that is when British entertainment dropped like a rock IMHO.
In case any Brits think I am picking on them, I’m not. You just caught up with us Americans.

As many of us on the thread haven now watched this programme and found little offensive about it I would say the OP here illsutrates the wisdom of not using second hand information to judge things on. At no point do Mary and Joseph have sex in the programmes. Rejection occurs on Joseph’s part because like any normal man the whole matter of Mary’s pregnancy is troublesome for him, he comes to accept it for what it is as the programmes progress. Even the gospels themselves hint at this and Joseph’s confusion. Generally however the programmes show him as an honourable, compassionate and righteous man which of course he was. He was however a man and not above human feelings.

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