BBC's face of religion is a self-proclaimed atheist who claims God had a wife and Eve suffered from sexism

The BBC’s new face of religion is a self-proclaimed atheist who claims that God had a wife and Eve has been treated unfairly by sexist academics.

Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou makes a number of staggering statements in forthcoming BBC2 series The Bible’s Buried Secrets.

The presenter, who has a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford, argues that Eve was not the first woman in the Bible, as the story of the Garden of Eden does not belong in the first Book of the Old Testament.

She said: ‘Eve has been unfairly maligned as the troublesome wife who brought about the fall.

‘Don’t forget that the biblical writers were male and it’s a very male-dominated world. Women were second-class citizens.’

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In an interview with the Radio Times, Dr Stavrakopoulou said she did not think the Bible could be used as a reliable historical source and said that as an academic “you leave your faith at the door”.

She said: “I’m aware that there are some who find it hard to understand why an atheist could possibly be interested in the Bible, and I think that does a massive disservice to a fantastic collection of ancient texts.’’

Comments from Andrew Graystone, director of the Church and Media Network:

She claims the Bible can not be trusted as an historical source. No credible historian would say that because of the overwhelming archeological evidence that we have. But she is not a historian, she is a theologian, and she has her own bias. I have a problem with the fact that she is a not a historian and yet she is presenting a program on ‘‘how recent archaeological discoveries are changing the way stories from The Bible are interpreted:’’

Can you imagine the BBC getting an atheist to present a program on Islam? Never. If you going to present a program on Biblical archeology etc. you should get a credible historian or archeologist to present it.

It’s BBC, are you really surprized?

I’m confused, how does she say God had a wife if she’s an atheist to begin with?

Nope, I’m not.

Why don’t we just ignore the idiotic thoughts of so-called ‘intellectuals’? I hate to think what will happen to them when they face God Himself after death.

All this opposed to Chinese intellectuals who have come to a startling conclusion of their own…

PieJesu, your link poses a system threat which my computer detected.

Since some satanists claim they don’t believe in Satan, it wouldn’t be a more twisted logic to call oneself a Christian atheist. Oh BTW, I’m a painter, but I don’t paint.

Yes, I had the same question. But after reading the first article, its apparent that Dr Stavrakopoulou doesn’t believe that. The Daily Mail is stirring the pot. The article’s exaggerated claim is based upon her contention that, thousands of years ago, Asherah, an ancient Semitic deity, was thought by some Israelites to be married to Yahweh. (Asherah possibly is the “Queen of Heaven” whose worship the prophet Jeremiah condemned.)

When reading anything from The Daily Mail its good to be be skeptical about any eye-opening claims. Sometimes, as in this case, they clarify late in the article. But oftentimes readers don’t get far.

Why the BBC’s new face of religion believes God had a WIFE:

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There was a Book that came out recently that was Called “Christian Atheism.”

Basically it defined It as “Believing in God but acting and living as though He does not exist.” :shrug:

Seems she needs to check her faith at the door, as she puts it.

In Ancient Judaism (particularly the Kabbalah) God is referred to as having a mate.

Sekkinah was Her Name.

This is Only in Judasm, though. :o

It may be a false negative in your definitions…what are you using for an AV program. I have linked to it from our servers which are under several layers of hardware, software, and network proactive protection, which no threats reported.

Thanks, PieJesu. I have AVG which notified me of the threat when I accessed the link and most certainly hope that it is as you stated. All the same, I brought it to Mod’s attention when I received the threat alert in view of recent bug problems at CAF.

Ah it’s from the Daily Mail. A paper for whom you could almost supoose the words context and nuance do not exist in the lexicon their writers utilise.

sounds a lot like the sex obsessed friends i have who don’t go to church, but still clam to be Christians or Jews. lukewarmness at its worst

I echo Blacksword’s question: how can one be an atheist (one who does not believe in God or deities at all) if one says he has a wife? This thread makes no sense. :shrug:

Yes indeed, there a lot of “those” around.:frowning:

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